Who Will Watch My Kids If I Go To Drug Rehab for 30 Days?

Who Will Watch My Kids If I Go To Drug Rehab for 30 Days?

If you’ve been considering going to a rehab facility and you have children, you’re probably wondering what will happen to your kids while you’re away and who will look after them while you can’t. This is especially true if you’re a single parent without the support of a spouse to fall back on. You may also have concerns about whether or not you’re a bad parent by leaving your children behind while you’re gone, but remember that it’s much better for everyone involved if you seek treatment and that ultimately your children will benefit from this choice.


Getting Help from Family

The first and most trusted way to find a caregiver for your children during the month you’re gone is through talking to family members. This is because kids are generally comfortable with people they know well. Often, people have multiple options when it comes to family. If you live with a spouse or partner, that person may be the number one choice as it would be least disruptive to your children’s schedules. However, if you’re a single parent, there are other possibilities. You may ask your own siblings or your parents if they’re physically able to care for them. If neither will work out, check with aunts, uncles or older cousins that you trust.


Getting Help from Outside Sources

Sometimes, family members aren’t an option. That may be because they live too far away or have too many other responsibilities. Perhaps you don’t have a good relationship with them. Whatever the reason, if you can’t get childcare through family, there are other good options that may work.

If they’re available and willing, close friends that you trust can take care of your children for the month you’re gone. If your kids are in school or if you can place them in day care temporarily, then you can have friends or family take them on evenings and weekends. Although not common, some rehab facilities offer arrangements on site to keep your children.

Regardless of what option works best for you and your kids, going to rehab for 30 days can really improve the lives of you and your children, so don’t let fears of how to provide for them in your absence prevent you from getting the help you need.

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