How To Tell Your Boss or Family That You\’re an Addict

How Do You Know If Someone Is An Addict?

A lot of people don\’t realize that they need help and are an addict. One way to tell is to think about whether they have to use a substance of some kind to get them through the day. From pain pills to illegal street drugs, there are all kinds of addictive substances. If someone is honest about their addiction then they can tell that they are using to feel high or better instead of using medications for legitimate medical needs they may have.

It\’s hard to really tell when someone is using too much and when it\’s a problem. A good sign that someone is an addict is if they only think about how they\’re going to procure their drug of choice. Perhaps they have to go from doctor to doctor to get pills. Maybe they go to a dealer to get what they need on a day to day basis. Whatever the case may be, addicts generally base their daily activities around when they can use. If you feel like someone you know is having a problem, then it may be a good idea to talk to them about it.


When Is A Good Time To Break The News

If you think someone you know is an addict, you may want to wait until they hit rock bottom, but that can take a long time. It generally is best to break the news to them that you think they are an addict as soon as possible so you can save them from a lot of suffering. It may be a little difficult, but having the courage to bring up going to a recovery center is something you need to work towards ASAP.


On Being Afraid Of The Outcome

Your family member may not want to admit to being an addict because it would mean having to tell their boss they have to go to rehab and the rest of the family might find out. These worries are totally normal, but what most people don\’t know is that most people have an addict in their lives. In other words, their boss will probably understand and will let them get their job back if they promise to stay clean. It\’s fairly obvious when someone is addicted to drugs, anyways, so most people probably already know about their issues.

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