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Seacrest Recovery Center is a unique addiction treatment program that offers affordable outpatient and intensive outpatient services. Our founder is in long term recovery and has found a passion in delivering the best treatment to those seeking freedom from their own addictions. You can rest assured that your loved one will be provided top-notch care from our highly qualified team of professionals.

We utilize both traditional and holistic therapies in our comprehensive approach to treating your loved one. Unlike many other rehab programs in South Florida that only provide a “cookie cutter” approach, each of our clients receives a treatment plan that is customized solely for them based on his or her presenting issues and specific situation.

We know you are facing a big decision right now.  You want to make the right choice for yourself or your loved one.  We invite you to call and visit with us for a few minutes to see if we are the right fit for you.  Should you need help finding a different program, we would be more than happy to help you with that too.

Don’t hesitate any longer.  Today is your day – and we are here to help.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to addiction. Every person is unique and deserves the proper placement in the right program to best avoid potential relapse. Our “Phase Back to Life” outpatient programs combine the love, care, compassion and structure of a traditional rehabilitation center – along with a real life recovery program. We know you just want your loved one back and some peace of mind. That’s exactly how we designed our program. Call us today to learn more.

Our well-appointed facilities will ensure that your loved one is comfortable and safe.  We have taken great care to ensure that each individual feels at home from the start, so they are ready to engage in a life of recovery.  From the furnishings to the living environment to the qualified staff – we have thought of everything to make sure it’s all taken care of.


Partial Hospitalization Day Treatment Program and 24 Hour Care


Aftercare and Ongoing Treatment


Step Down Level of Care While Integrating Back to a Normal Routine
We work with most major health insurance carriers. Often times insurance can cover up to 100% of your treatment costs. Contact us today to get started. Verification of benefits can be done right away.

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Great place, great staff loved it
Response from the owner: Awesome! Thank you so much Christopher!
This place was awesome! The staff were amazing.
Response from the owner: Wonderful! Thank you so much Samantha!
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. The staff were so amazing and attentive to my needs. I would recommend this facility.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Ebony!
My overall experience has been really good. Staff has been very helpful, kind and easy to talk to. Great place!
Response from the owner: Awesome! Thank you so much Michael!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much James!
Seacrest was a very good place for me to be for my journey of recovery. The staff was amazing from the moment I got there! They really cared about my needs and were always so compassionate about everyone's needs. The groups were long because of the uncomfortable chairs but that is literally the only negative thing I could come up with. The atmosphere and compassion of other group members were also very caring and were able to relate, making my experiences in group very healing for me. Also, the case worker, Katie was outstanding at taking care of everything that needed to be done for my job and disability. She definitely has everyone's best interest in mind and is always there to listen! Great staff all around!!
Response from the owner: Wonderful! Thank you Kim!
First day arriving at Seacrest I was welcomed by all the staff and instantly felt welcomed and wanted here. The groups and the clients were all of benefit. Definitely recommend this place to those needing help.
Response from the owner: Wonderful! Thank you Logan!
Supportive staff, very helpful
Response from the owner: Awesome! Thank you so much!
I was a client a few years ago, the staff was knowledgeable and really cared about my well being. Now I’m a staff member and recommended any body struggling to come hea.
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Great staff and very helpful people!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Jenna!
Seacrest is an incredible facility that addresses healing, wellness, and quality of life in recovery. Anyone struggling with a substance use or mental health issue should absolutely contact Seacrest Recovery Center. The clinical, medical, and operations staff work together to ensure clients receive individualized and effective care!!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Matthew!
Seacrest is the best place I ever went to! Amazing staff! The best techs, they truely go above and beyond! I wouldn’t be where I am today with out them!
Response from the owner: Amazing! Thank you so much Samantha!
Rehab center legit. Great caring staff
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Ryan!
Coordinator Jared was extremely helpful!
Response from the owner: Awesome! Thank you Luke!
Seacreast completely helped change my life. When I got down here to Florida I couldn’t even put a week of sobriety together, since I’ve been here I’ve learned so much about my addiction, coping skills, and so so much more. The staff does and amazing job and are super friendly and caring. I’d like to give credit to a couple of them, such as Matt, Maggie, Stacy, Hunter, Alexsis, Tilly & Donna. I’ve never had as much support as I have in my stay at seacrest. The staff truly does care about their patients. I would recommend this facility to anyone who is struggling with addiction or mental health issues.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Dylan!
Amazing facility amazing people.I am so happy for the support they have shown me!
Response from the owner: Awesome!! Thank you Hope!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Donna!
Not too shabby folks
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Sam!
Great staff thats helped me out with my recovery and motivated me to my new life journey!
Response from the owner: Awesome! Thank you so much Julio!
I will be forever grateful to Seacrest Recovery! When I arrived, I was broken both physically and mentally not knowing for sure what the future had in store for me. Today as I write this review it's clear what the future holds for me. Purpose! To continue being a great Dad, Partner in life, friend, co worker etc, Thank you to all Staff and Management for providing a safe, sober living, recovery based environment, in order for me to achieve my goals. Forever Grateful!!
Response from the owner: This is so great! Thank you so much Chris!
The staff is amazing and I had the most wonderful experience in my recovery journey at Seacrest.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Lisa!
Supportive environment. Great staff and counselors. If you are serious about getting yourself right there is no better choice
Response from the owner: Awesome! Thank you so much Mark!
Great therapist, casemanger, great place to recover and learn tools to maintain long-term soberity, Php and iop programs prepared me for my future.
Response from the owner: Awesome! Thank you so much Matt!
Seacrest rc has put a huge impact on my life that I will never forget from the clinical staff to the techs. Most of them have been my biggest support, and even if you thinking “they’re being hard on me” it’s because they truly do care. They have became family, and I will forever be grateful. They are the only treatment center down in South Florida that will go out of their way to get you to groups, meetings, work, and activities. Thank you all for truly caring, and giving the tough love.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Taylor!
Coming to Florida I was so scared, this was my first time coming to treatment ever. Seacrest made me feel welcome and accepted and tended to all my needs. They always made sure I was at a meeting and doing something productive. They have great therapists who actually listen and hear you. I was blessed with Maggie! Now im going to halfway with the help of Donna the case worker and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help me go on to the next steps in my life. Thank you so much Seacrest. I will truly miss this place 💙
Response from the owner: Awesome! Thank you so much!
Thank you Seacrest for all you've done while I'm here. The techs hunter and Stacey helped me so much. Thank you Katie for always being there! I had a great experience.
Response from the owner: Wonderful! Thank you so much Nicole!
Making lasting memories is a big part of recovery and this place stands out. Excellent service and treatment.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Andrew
This place is great. Its changed my life!!! I Recommend everybody that needs help to come to Seacrest!! Joey and Martel and the therapist Matthew are the best teachers here link up with them. They will put you on the right path!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Justin!
Response from the owner: Thank you Theresa!
Response from the owner: Wonderful! Thank you Carloyne!
Saying Seacrest saved my life is an understatement! I had no insurance no place would accept me i previously took the opportunity they gave me months before and squandered it like everything else in my life! For some reason they gave me a second chance and i'm taking full advantage of it and getting a second chance at living! Thank you to all the staff they're amazing, Josh and Eric best techs as guys helped me through so much it's insane! Big shout out to Martkel idk why you gave me a second chance after the craziness in the first go round but i'll forever be grateful for you! You saved my life man as you've done with so many others!!!! the
Response from the owner: Thank you so much !
Friendly and supportive staff. Highly recommended
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Lana!
When our family had a problem with my brother this recovery center was the only one that could fix him he seemed to be a lost cause but after he saw that the staff was willing to help because they genuinely wanted to see him do better he was very receptive to the treatment at hand !!!! I suggest sending your loved one here as well !!!!! God bless now my brother is sober and working the 12 steps and has over a year clean !!!!!!!
Response from the owner: This is so wonderful to hear! Please let us know if there’s anything we can ever to do to help! Thank you Richie.
When you have a friend or family member that just needs more than the love and support, you need a place to that can help you as they can help them. Seacrest will get the hope back in motion for you all. No need to give up just pick up the phone talk with Nick and him and the fabulous team will begin the new journey for all of you. I can’t say enough great things and what I can say is it will give you and yours hope back. Thanks for all you do Seacrest. Let the new journey begin with them.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Julie!!
Response from the owner: Thank you!!
Great facility!!
Response from the owner: Thank you!!
Amazing facility the people who work their actually care about the clients. My nephew went there last year and he is still sober and a completely different kid. Seacrest is #1
Response from the owner: We are so happy to hear about your nephew! Thank you so much Michael
I would like to say that this recovery facility is the best my nephew went here and He is clean and sober and living a great live thank GOD I love and command the people that work there they do a great job
Response from the owner: So wonderful to hear all of this! Thank you so much for taking a moment to share your experience Joan.
Nick C. Is the best in the business, he’s your guy 😉
Response from the owner: Thank you Erica!
Amazing place to get sober i would give 10 stars if i could
Response from the owner: Thank you Bill!
Amazing people who actually care about you I would recommend SEACREST first if you are struggling with addiction
Response from the owner: Thank you so much David!
All around outstanding place great people. They helped me feel comfortable the facility is clean and workers support and care helped me change my life around.
Response from the owner: Awesome! Thanks Sean!
Response from the owner: Thank you Brittany!
My stay at the Seacrest recovery center was just amazing and exceeded all my expectations. Initially I was very apprehensive about being admitted for it was my very first time in treatment. The ENTIRE staff was so supportive, understanding, welcoming and warm but mostly very knowledgeable about my issues which were devastating for me at my most vulnerable time in my life. Seacrest saved me in more ways than I can say in words. My housemates were indeed a plus for we were all able to relate in some way shape or form which worked in our favor towards a better sober life. Made friends and will keep in touch whenever we need each other. I am forever thankful that Seacrest opened their arms to me and gave me structure and sincere support to carry on into my new path towards a happy and sober healthy life! THANK YOU SO MUCH SEACREST STAFF! I am a better person today and will carry you ALL in my heart! Christine~
Response from the owner: So wonderful Christine! Really appreciate you sharing this, it will bring so much hope for many others!
Had a great experience at Seacrest. Great therapists and staff. Housing was exceptional and good therapy groups in clinical.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Colin!