Going Back To Work After Attending Drug Treatment

Being productive and regaining self-esteem after drug treatment may help prevent a relapse, however, many men and women feel trepidation about going back. How you feel about going back to work often depends on whether your employer knew about your drug treatment. Most people tell their co-workers that they are taking a leave of absence for health reasons, nevertheless, you may have needed to inform your boss or the HR department about going into rehab in order to get the time off.


ADA Protection

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prevents your employer from discriminating against you for attending drug treatment. They cannot fire you or demote you based solely on your decision to seek help. Other protections may also apply, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act.


Understanding From Co-Workers

If you discuss going into drug treatment with your employer, they must keep the information confidential. Nevertheless, in all likelihood, your co-workers will have guessed about your reason for taking time off if your addiction was affecting your performance at work. This is not necessarily problematic; you will experience support and find understanding from the majority of your co-workers, since nearly everyone has dealt addiction at some point. You may find co-workers confessing their own problems with addiction, relieved that someone else at work understands their challenges.

Larger companies may have groups for employees recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, where people know that they can talk freely without fear of jeopardizing their employment.


When You Should Find Other Employment

Going back to your job should limit the time that you have to seek out and use drugs, however, some workplaces are sources of drugs. If you routinely bought drugs from other people who worked at your company, find other employment if possible; the temptation will be too great.

You have probably heard that avoiding stress is vital to a sustained recovery. If your job is very stressful, consider asking for a less stressful position at your company or look for another line of work. Reducing job stress will aid in your recovery; you will be a happier person as well.

Never use losing your job or your fear of a setback in your career to stop you from attending drug treatment.

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