When You Call A Treatment Center, Listen Carefully For These Things Before Making A Decision

Once you have made the decision to seek addiction treatment you may feel like you should just jump in to the first facility that you find. You can and should take the time to find the right rehab center for you. Your research can start at the moment you pick up that phone. The way you are greeted and the way that that phone call goes can go a long way to helping you decide if this is the right facility for you.

The voice at the other end of the phone could possibly be your lifeline. You want to hear someone who is pleasant but concerned. You want to feel hopeful not helpless. There are so many clues to the type of care that you will get when you make that initial phone call if you know what to listen for.

The Clues to the Treatment Facility and its Staff

From the minute that your call is answered you should feel important and heard. Delays in answering, being put on hold and other things should be minimal at most and should be short in duration. Each should be accompanied by an apology. The person that answers should be knowledgeable, patient and kind. There are other clues that you should notice as well.

Other staff should not be interrupting this call unless it is an emergency. You should never hear a lot of chaos in the background and you certainly shouldn\’t hear anything that would indicate fighting, arguing or worse, a verbally abusive atmosphere.

The staff member should not pressure you in any way and it should not feel like someone is trying really hard to make a sale in any way. If it feels like they are only trying to get someone to fill a bed, that may not be a facility that cares about people like they claim. It may also not be a great facility since most can have space constraints rather than empty beds. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable could be more than just nervousness or reluctance to start treatment. It might be your instincts kicking in and telling you this is not the facility for you.

There are other facilities out there. The right one is there for you. If you are ready to get the help you need to live your best life, please call us at 833-846-5669 right away.

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