Why Alcohol Treatment Isn’t Just the Same as Going to AA

There is an old saying, murmured in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, which says, “Meeting makers make it”. Sure, attending AA meetings is a great tool to help an alcoholic strive towards lifelong sobriety. However, it is just that, a tool. It is only one aspect of a program to stay sober.

While making meetings is a wonderful suggestion, it is not a panacea cure-all for sustained sobriety. It is also commonly agreed that alcohol abuse is but a symptom of a far greater problem.

If alcohol was the only problem, all alcoholics would need to do is stop drinking. Once the alcohol is gone, all life’s problems would just magically go away. Unfortunately, this is not the reality.

To reveal the source that compels most alcoholics to drink uncontrollably, they need to uncover the reasons that seem so significant that they drive them to abuse alcohol. If you have a serious desire to stop drinking, you need to do more than just attend AA and here’s why.

One-on-One with a Professional Counselor

There may be some extremely helpful and insightful people at any given AA meeting. However, only treatment centers employ licensed, professional counselors. If you follow the advice given by the fellowship, you will have an AA sponsor.

Interaction with your AA sponsor is another useful tool in your recovery. An AA sponsor is a wonderful source of comfort, and often a caring ear when problems in life get you down. However, few AA sponsors are licensed mental and substance abuse counselors.

To establish a solid foundation for your life of recovery, you will benefit immensely from the professional advice you will receive from your treatment center staff. Developing a personal, one-on-one relationship with a treatment center counselor is another tool you can use to dig out the source, which compels your alcoholism.

For your recovery to work, you need to use all the tools at your disposal. One of the most important will be this one-on-one relationship you establish with your counselor. So, while regular attendance at AA meetings is certainly a noble aspiration, meetings and meetings alone are not enough to keep you sober.

If you think you have a problem with alcohol, our treatment professionals are waiting to help. Don’t simply rely on attendance at a few AA meetings to ensure that you’ll stay sober. Call us at 833-846-5669 today. Caring counselors are available 24 hours a day to help guide you on your recovery journey.