How An IOP Program Can Prove Invaluable to Your Long Term Recovery

Recovery is not just 28 days or 90 days.  Recovery is a lifestyle that is relevant to the rest of your life. While that may seem like a prison in early recovery, long term recovery will prove the gift that recovery is. The most challenging part of recovery is maintaining it for the long-term. Recovery is a gift that is given to you by your own efforts and maintenance. Working out, eating healthy, avoiding stress, getting enough sleep, and hanging around the right people are integral to maintaining long term recovery. However an intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a valuable part of building the foundation to long term recovery.

An IOP Program is valuable to long-term recovery because:

Reinforcement of the Concepts taught in Other Recovery Settings

Recovery requires a pretty large toolbox. Many people go to inpatient treatment or a partial-hospitalization program before enrolling in IOP. The tools can be provided and belabored in merely 28 to 90 days. Intensive outpatient provides the opportunity for the tools taught in more intensive forms of treatment to be reinforced without the same intensity as inpatient treatment or partial hospitalization programs.

Provides the Opportunity to Meet Sober Friends

Intensive outpatient programs are largely centered around group therapy. The strongest asset of group therapy is you receive support and compassion from people who care about you. Since leaving active addiction, you probably lost many addicted friends. Addicted friends are never true friends; therefore, they should be discarded and replaced with healthy people who care about your recovery. These programs are the perfect place to meet sober friends. Having friends who are also in recovery avoids conflicts regarding hanging out in places or engaging in activities that involve alcohol, drugs, and other adverse behavior.

Educates You About the Disease

There are still many myths circulating in society about the disease of addiction. As a recovering individual, you may find yourself confused and offended by the myths about addiction. Education about the disease is included in IOP programs, which will help you know how to take care of yourself and how to feel about yourself as a recovering addict.

How to Incorporate IOP in Your Schedule

Life in recovery can be busy between work, school, gym workouts, meetings, and leisure. IOP can easily be incorporated in your busy schedule because many outpatient facilities offer sessions during the day and evening. Unlike inpatient treatment and partial-hospitalization, you get to go home and attend treatment two to five times a week. You should contact the facility that you are interested in to ask them about their schedule to see if it is conducive to your life.

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