How Rehab Centers Work With Insurance

Health insurance is the most dreaded topic when it comes to funding addiction treatment. Unfortunately, the average person needs to utilize it to fund their addiction treatment. Many rehab centers verify health insurance before a client enters treatment to determine how much the health insurance will cover.

Health insurance typically covers the following types of treatment:

30 Days

While 90 days or more is the recommended regimen by addiction recovery experts, health insurance only covers 30 days of treatment. In order to have additional treatment covered, the staff must make a claim to the insurance that additional treatment is necessary for the client.

In-State Treatment

Health insurance largely favors treatment centers that are in the same state as the client’s residence. If the client is lucky, the health insurance will have a minority of out-of-state treatment centers in their network.


Healthy insurance typically does not cover 100 percent of the cost of treatment. The percentage health insurance covers can range from 10 percent to 70 percent. Some health insurance plans may require a deductible to be met or a need to be expressed before they cover addiction treatment at all.

Outpatient Treatment

Health insurance plans are more open to covering outpatient treatment programs because it does not come with the costs associated with room and board. Partial-hospitalization and intensive-outpatient are the two best outpatient treatment programs for people who are new in recovery.

Receiving Exact Answers about How Health Insurance Covers Rehabs

While most private insurance plans (not Medicaid or Medicare) share common stipulations regarding covering addiction treatment, you will need to contact your health insurance company to receive exact answers. In addition, you can also contact the rehab that you are interested in. Insurance verifications can typically be done within 24 hours to ensure that you can enter rehab as soon as possible.

Seacrest Recovery Center is located Boynton Beach, Florida. We deliver high-quality treatment that many health insurance plans (e.g. United, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Humana) are willing to cover. We offer outpatient treatment; therefore, obtaining coverage should not be difficult. In addition, we also have another location in Eatontown, New Jersey for those who are caught in wrath of the addiction epidemic in the Northeast of the United States. Call us today at 833-846-5669