What if I Can Only Afford IOP?

Going to an inpatient addiction treatment program can be costly and challenging. Intensive-outpatient (IOP) programs are viable alternatives to inpatient addiction treatment programs. IOP typically meets three to five days a week for three-hour sessions. The time in IOP is spent in individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and educational sessions. The staff does their best to mimic the rigor of an inpatient program. The key difference between an inpatient program and an IOP program is you do not live at the treatment center.
Intensive-outpatient programs offer several benefits:

• The price is cheaper because you do not have the costs of room, board, and other amenities.
• You can still go to work while being treated for your addiction.
• You can see your family and be just as involved with in their lives.
• You and your family can health together.
• You can apply the tools in treatment in the outside world as you are learning them.

Determining if Intensive Outpatient Treatment is Right For You

Though intensive outpatient treatment offers multiple benefits, it is not right for everyone. The key difference of not living at the facility can be a major problem for some people. Since you will not be living at the facility, relapse is more likely and much easier. You will be encountering relapse triggers and challenges that you will most likely not have the tools to deal with in early recovery. The major benefit of inpatient treatment is isolation from distractions that can divert your focus from your recovery. If you were living at treatment, you would be bombarded with recovery material during almost all of your waking hours. You would also be restricted to limited contact with the outside world. There is a lot that can happen in between IOP sessions that can derail your recovery. Being on the outside world makes drugs and alcohol readily available, making relapse much easier.

Seacrest Recovery Center is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. Our unique Outpatient Program is called “Phase Back to Life.” The program consists of three phases that range from the most rigorous to the least rigorous. You have the option of living at the facility during the first two phases while being able to leave to go to work/school, see family, run errands, etc. Random drug tests are a part of all three phases.

If you are interested in Seacrest Recovery, call them today at (800) 411-8019