Can I Go To A Recovery Center in Florida If I Am Bipolar?

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 45 percent of addicted individuals also suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder. Florida recovery centers are known for their holistic approach to treating addiction. If you suffer from both addiction and bipolar disorder, you are most likely self-medicating the bipolar disorder with your addictive substance. Since your addiction is fueled by the bipolar disorder, a Florida recovery center will assess and treat the bipolar disorder, substance use disorder, and any other co-occurring disorders. You can absolutely go to any Florida recovery center because they are all experienced in holistically treating addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Florida recovery centers treat bipolar disorder and substance use disorder simultaneously by:

• Setting you up with a collaborative team of addictions counselors, psychiatrists, and other professionals to assure that both the addiction and co-occurring disorders are being properly treated.
• Psychotropic drugs to treat the major depressive episodes and manic episodes.
Individual counseling to treat the psychological component of your addiction.
• Group Counseling to help you collaborate with those who have the same struggles.
• Family counseling to educate your family on the disorders, address their concerns, and prepare them for your return home.

A Recovery Solution In Boynton Beach

Seacrest Recovery Center is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in treating addiction along with co-occurring disorders. Seacrest Recovery Center is an outpatient facility that runs on a unique program called “Phase Back to Life.” Phase Back to Life consists of three phases that range from the most intense to the least intense. You have the option of living at the facility during the first two phases while being able to leave the facility to go to work, see family, run errands, etc. The first phase is the most intense phase. It lasts for the first two weeks and consists of five days of IOP meetings each week. The second phase lasts six to 10 weeks and consists of three days of IOP meetings each week. Phase three consists of attending at least one regular outpatient session per week and one individual therapy session per week for an indefinite time period. Random drug tests, breathalyzers, and obtaining and keeping a job are parts of all three phases. Being that we are an outpatient facility, we are better suited to offer a more holistic approach to addiction treatment.

If you are interest in seeking Seacrest Recovery Center to start your new life, call us today at (800) 411-8019