If I Go To An IOP Program in Palm Beach County, Can I Still Keep Going To Work and See My Kids?

The rapidly increasing number of individuals who are developing addictions has prompted addiction treatment to be revolutionized. Inpatient treatment is no longer the only form of addiction treatment. Intensive-outpatient is outpatient addiction treatment that typically meets for three to five days per week for three- hour sessions.

The benefits of intensive-outpatient treatment include:

• Allows you to continue working while you are being treated for your addiction.
• Allows you see your children and be active in their lives while you are being treated for your addiction.
• You can apply the tools that you learn in treatment in the outside world right away.
• The cost is less than inpatient treatment.

Since intensive-outpatient treatment does not require you to stay overnight and be isolated from the outside world during the duration of your treatment, you can definitely still keep going to work and seeing your children. IOP facilities typically hold day and evening sessions to accommodate the schedules of those who work and/or have children.

Intensive Outpatient Vs. Inpatient Treatment

While IOP offers many benefits, it may not be for everyone. You should weigh out the pros and cons of both IOP and inpatient treatment before you make your decision. Though IOP allows you to go to work, see your family, and be actively involved in the outside world, you may not be able to handle being involved in the outside world during the early days of your recovery. The outside world may present any challenges and relapse triggers that you will most likely not have the tools to cope with in early recovery. Being involved in the outside world means you will have access to alcohol and drugs. Inpatient treatment offers you time away from the outside world to strictly focus on healing. Since IOP is outpatient, it may take longer until you are ready to be released from treatment than if you attended an inpatient treatment program. Though IOP costs less than inpatient, there are still costs due to the longevity required.

Seacrest Recovery Center is an outpatient rehab center that is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. Our unique Phase Back to Life Program allows you to receive quality addiction treatment while being able to continue working and seeing your family. The program consists of three phases, which are partial-hospitalization, intensive-outpatient, and outpatient. You have the option of living at the facility during the first two phases while being able to leave for work and to see your family.

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