Steps For Choosing a South Florida Recovery Center

No one ever wants to be in the position where they have to choose an addiction treatment center. Unlike choosing a college, choosing an addiction treatment center is not an exciting experience or a normal transition in life. However, it is a positive decision to live the life that you deserve. The process of choosing a South Florida recovery center can be overwhelming because it is not common knowledge. However, once you know the steps that you have to take, you will realize the process is not that difficult.

The steps for choosing a South Florida Recovery Center are as follows:

Contact Health Insurance

If you are using health insurance to help fund your addiction treatment, you will need to contact them to find out how much they will cover and which treatment centers they will cover. Most health insurance plans will only cover their in-network treatment centers.

Research/Touring the Facility

After you have received your list of in-network treatment centers, you should thoroughly research each one. You should look up the amenities, reviews, and details about the treatment program. Calling the facility will give you an initial vibe by the attitude of the staff members who answers the phone. If you have time, touring the facility will best ensure that you end up in the right place.

Insurance Verification

Many rehab facilities will verify your insurance for you. The process should take about a day. If your insurance is approved, you can proceed with the admissions process.

The Best Recovery Center in South Florida

A main concern of many people when it comes to addiction treatment is being able to keep their job and continuing to see their family. Seacrest Recovery Center, which is located in Boynton Beach, is a unique mix of an inpatient and outpatient treatment center. Though not mandatory, clients can live at the treatment center for the first eight to twelve weeks of treatment while continuing to work and see their families. They are Joint Commission Accredited, which means they meet the highest level of safety and client care standards. They take a holistic approach to treating addiction. Their staff is compassionate, well-educated, and empathetic.

If you or a loved one is interested in Seacrest Recovery Center, call them today at 833-846-5669