Signs That Your Young Adult Son Has A Drug Problem

As a parent, it can be difficult to realize your adult son has a drug problem. Young men with drug problems will often go to great lengths to hide their use of drugs from loved ones, and it is challenging to accept negative realities about our children.

If your son does have a problem with drugs, it is imperative that you recognize it as soon as possible. Drug problems only get worse with time, never better. Recognizing your adult son has a drug problem is the first step in getting him the help he needs. There are telltale physical and behavioral signs that your son has a drug problem.

There are many physical signs to watch out for:

• Glazed or bloodshot eyes
• Slurred speech
• Memory problems
• Rapid weight change
• Scars or bruising from injecting the drug

If you suspect your adult son has a drug problem, be vigilant for these physical signs.

The following are behavioral signs of a drug problem:

• Loss of interest in hobbies or activities
• Changes friend group
• Becomes increasingly moody and easily agitated
• Withdrawing from family and friends
• Lying about his whereabouts
• Unexplainable increase in spending money

As drug problems progress, behavioral symptoms will worsen, but many, if not all, of these symptoms will be apparent very early on.

What to Do If Your Adult Son Has A Drug Problem

Helping a loved one with a drug problem is never easy. If confronted, your son is very likely to deny that he has a problem. When facing your adult son, it is essential to stay calm while being firm. If you are financially supporting your son in any way, let him know that you will no longer be able to support him unless he agrees to get help for his addiction.

There are often short windows of opportunities when a person with a drug problem is more likely to accept help. Windows usually emerge after experiencing consequences of some sort such as getting in trouble with the law, embarrassing oneself because of being intoxicated or health scares because of drug use. If your son has recently experienced consequences because of drug use, he may be ready to accept the help he needs.

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