Knowing Your Healthcare Insurance And Florida PHP Addiction Treatment Level of Care

The following plans are the main available options of health insurance:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Each of the above plans vary in both cost and benefits. It is up to an individual to select the plan that best suits them.
An individual who selects the bronze plan gets 60 percent of their healthcare cost covered by their respective health insurance providers. The individual only pays 40 percent of his/her healthcare cost. Individuals using the silver plan only pay 30 percent of the initial healthcare cost, while 70 percent is paid by their healthcare insurance providers. Gold plan is 80 percent relief, while one is only left to pay the remaining 20 percent. Individuals under platinum plan pay 10 percent of the total healthcare cost leaving their respective healthcare insurance providers to settle 90 percent of the total healthcare cost.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a program that best suits people who do not need 24-hours supervision, but still benefit from the structured program. The level of care offers precisely what the name implies:  partial hospitalization. PHP is best suited for substance abuse treatment since different individuals react differently to different treatment strategy.

PHP offers a high amount of support and structure and at the same time, creates room for more community interactions. An individual in this program will still have the access to nurse practitioners, psychiatrists and medical management throughout the program. They also enjoy the available structured activities, therapy groups and aftercare planning.

The program highly encourages the involvement of the community, family peers during the recovery process of the individuals. This helps in rejuvenating meaningful relationships with the loved ones and the family. The creation of good relationships during the recovery process is of outmost importance since it enhances the individual’s well-being and sobriety. Friendships struck during the recovery process offers an invaluable support system for the individuals who are in the channel of changing their life.

Partial hospitalization programs are very effective therapy for the recovery of addiction. The professionals dealing with this individuals offer numerous clinical approaches such as; rational emotive therapy, role playing, ego-modifying therapy, experiential therapy and PTSD therapy. Once an individual start their journey to recovery, the most important connection they have nurtured is the one that has substance. Once the underlying issues that led to addictive behavior are uncovered, while restoring the capacity to nurture significant aspirations and relationships, significant changes automatically takes place in an individual’s life.

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