How the Delray Beach Rehab Scene is Cleaning Up Lately

Delray Beach has been the recovery capital of America for many years. The warm climate, sprawling economy, and diverse recovery community makes it the perfect place to get into recovery. Recently, the Delray Beach rehab scene has run into some troubles with human trafficking, health insurance fraud, homelessness, overdoses, etc. The community was quick to address these issues to maintain Delray Beach’s reputation as an upstanding recovery community.

The following efforts are being made to clean up the Delray Beach rehab scene:

Raising Awareness About the Signs of Human Trafficking and Health Insurance Fraud

Recovering individuals are falling into human trafficking in Florida by being conned into offers that are too good to be true (e.g. free plane tickets, rehab stays, cigarettes, etc.). Many recovering individuals are being given an excessive amounts of drug tests and are even being paid to relapse to help rehab and sober home owners profit more money from their health insurance companies. Disseminating the signs of human trafficking and being used for profits from health insurance companies are helping individuals steer clear from scams.

Increasing Availability of Narcan and Educating People How to Use it

Unfortunately, relapse is a part of recovery for many people. Overdose is often a result of relapse due to individuals taking the amount that they used prior to their sober time. Rehabs and sober homes are setting harsher consequences for drug use and possession. However, narcan and education on how to use narcan is being made available to more people in the community to save the lives of people who end up overdosing.

Licensing and Setting Regulations for Rehabs and Sober Homes

The state of Florida is licensing and setting regulations for rehabs and sober homes to let the public know which ones are legitimate and to ensure the safety of prospective clients. If you are seeking a rehab or sober home in Florida, you must choose one that is licensed and follows state regulations to ensure that you are not falling into a scam or unsafe situation.

A Safe Rehab in the Delray Beach Area

Seacrest Recovery Center is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. We are Joint Commission Accredited, which means we meet the highest national standards in safety and client care. The Florida Department of Children and Families has also given us a seal of approval. Most major health insurance plans are accepted.

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