Can A Person Stay In Sober Living Housing While Going To Treatment?

After completing a stint in a drug rehab center, the recovering addict has to make some important choices. Should they feel compelled to continue treatment on an outpatient basis, they might be well-served to consider staying in a sober living home during the process. There\’s certainly no shame in someone needing extra time to get their legs under them after dealing with an addiction and then getting help. The entire process can be very exhausting.

Sober living is preferable for recovering addicts who start the treatment process with a long-term and significant addiction. There\’s a good chance their world on the outside is in total disarray. Any time they can send in a sober living environment will provide them some time to get things in order. They will still have obligations and responsibilities, but there\’s usually a control mechanism in place that makes sure they don\’t take on more than they can handle. The last thing anyone wants is to see someone relapse under the pressure and stress life often brings.

Can Someone Receive Treatment While in Sober Living?

There are two circumstance under which a patient can receive treatment while residing in a sober living home. For people who have already been through an inpatient treatment program, it makes perfect sense for them to continue treatment on an outpatient basis. While doing so, it would actually be preferable that the patient be in sober living. It helps them to maintain a higher level of accountability than they would have living in a normal living environment.

Then there are the patients who for a variety of reasons can\’t participate in an inpatient treatment program. When signing up for outpatient treatment, they would really benefit by straying from the home area and settling into an area like Florida. Away from the distractions of home, they stand a much better chance of following outpatient rules. To make things easier, staying in a sober living home would be optimum. There, they would get some of the same structure found in an inpatient facility. This might actually be the best possible scenario for everyone involved in the process.

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