Making Up For Lost Time While Addicted To Heroin

After person receives treatment for heroin, it can feel like you lost a great deal of time together. It’s likely your child feels as if a portion of their life and relationships were wasted during their addiction. Making up for their lost time is going to be one of their top priorities.

It’s important to remember that rebuilding damaged relationships takes time and a lot of repair effort. These typically are not changes that will happen overnight. You should let the recovering addict take the first steps towards making up for lost time when they are ready. Don’t try to rush things for them as it will likely not result in an ideal outcome for the both of you. We’ve included some great tips for your recovering child to use to start rebuilding their relationships.


Always Be Sincere About It

Sincerity shows that you have reached the point in which you are ready to mend a specific relationship. If you can’t be sincere about the troubles you’ve had in the past, you aren’t yet ready to mend that particular relationship. Don’t expect that all relationships will be ready to be rebuilt all at once. They will each come at their own time.

When you are sincere about rebuilding a relationship, the other person can tell. On the contrary, it’s very obvious to notice when a person is just telling you what you want to hear and is not sincere about it. Realize that your sincerity is more than your words, it’s your body language as well.


Realize Others May Need Time To Heal

Just because you have reached the point of sincerity where you are ready to mend a relationship, it doesn’t always mean the other person is ready too. As part of rebuilding damaged relationships, you need to take into account the fact that others need time just like you did. Let them work it out and allow them to come to you when they are ready.

As you start rebuilding those damaged relationships, you will create stronger bonds with people. This will show in the way you interact with each other and can signal to those who still need time that you are indeed recovering successfully. Recovery is a long and tiring process that is well worth it in the end. Your relationships are part of the recovery process, so expect them to take time and commitment.

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