Why Drug Treatment Isn\’t Free


If you are learning for the first time the total cost of drug treatment for your child, it can be quite overwhelming. We encourage you to always look into insurance coverage and other state funding options if you are unable to afford the complete cost. However, it\’s important that you truly understand why drug treatment is not free. Once you have a better understanding of what the treatment costs are for, you will be better able to part with the money needed.


Medical Detox

The biggest expense when it comes to drug treatment is medical detox. Addicts of heroin and alcohol tend to experience intense withdrawal symptoms. This requires medication that is administered by a trained professional. There are many hidden costs associated with medication for detox reasons. Some of these include safe storage of the medication, full medical histories on file for all patients to ensure no adverse reactions, professionals to administer treatment properly, and the cost of the medication purchase.


Housing And Other Care

The most successful recoveries take place at inpatient centers. These give the addicts a full-blown experience of monitored care 24/7. There are many costs that are associated with inpatient care as opposed to outpatient care, but you should realize that inpatient care provides much more long term success than outpatient. Housing, food, electricity, water, health monitoring, and staff are all costs associated with inpatient recovery centers.



It\’s important to realize that staffing means more than just a doctor and a nurse. There are many moving persons that go into making drug rehab centers effective at treating recovering addicts. The most common positions that you will find necessary at all drug treatment centers include case managers, doctors, detox specialists, program directors, social workers, admissions director, psychotherapist, and the CEO.

Many of these positions above come with strict state-mandated education requirements. As we are sure you are aware, doctors and psychotherapists complete many years of schooling before being awarded their positions. The other staffing positions require education as well. For a drug treatment center to be effective, they need all of these individuals. That means finding and hiring skilled professionals that require a pay wage that is competitive for their field.

For these reasons, drug treatment centers are not free. Educating and working with your child to bring them from the alcoholism and transform them into a successfully recovered addict takes a lot of pieces. Just like any other service that requires many pieces, it comes at a price.

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