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Florida or New Jersey – Which is Better for Drug Rehab?

sober living in delray beachDrug and alcohol rehab programs in Florida and New Jersey are similar. The programs in both states highlight the needs of families, and stress long-term success. The programs help people save money while learning to live a productive, healthy life. There are websites devoted to helping people find treatment before there’s an emergency. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both states offer rehabilitation services for first-time drug offenders instead of jail time. There are drug and alcohol rehab facilities for everyone, regardless of your income.

A Residential Program is the common addiction treatment program for addicts. The treatment consists of detox, rehabilitation, and aftercare. Detox requires medical professionals, rehabilitation includes therapy, and aftercare is continual support. The type of program needed depends on the degree, and length of time of addiction. The longer a person stays at a rehab facility, the better the chance of long-term success.

Types of Residential Programs

* Inpatient (stay at a treatment facility)

* Outpatient (stay at home)

* Short-term (less than 90 days)

* Long-term (more than 90 days)


Benefits Of A Residential Program

* Typically inpatient

* Separates addict from temptation

* Facility provides all services

* Greater chance of long-term success


Types Of Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

* Donation or goodwill rehab center (private donations pay for services)

* Faith-based (religious groups pay for services)

* Nonprofit (services are free or inexpensive)

* Payment assistance (funding is location and case-specific, patient pays part of the fees)

* Sliding scale (the fees vary based on patient’s ability to pay)

* State-funded (the state pays for the services with grants)

* Vocational or work-study drug rehab center (the patient pays for treatment by providing labor and studying)

Once a person is a drug or alcohol addict, the person is always an addict. An addict goes from being an active abuser, to being a recovering abuser. Florida and New Jersey provide countless drug and alcohol treatment programs. Both states encourage professional help before an emergency or tragedy. Seek help before there are criminal charges, or a loss of family, income or employment. It’s never too late to find professional help. No matter what degree of abuse, or level of income, help is possible. Help starts with contacting a counselor or professional. Counselors keep all information confidential, and excel at guiding people. Regardless of your knowledge or income, a counselor can help.