What You Should Do And Ask If You Think You Have an Addiction To Pain Pills

If you’ve been using painkillers for an extended period of time, it’s entirely possible that you’ve become addicted to them. Even when using prescription pain pills, many people find themselves developing a dependency. If you think you may have developed an addiction to painkillers, make the following considerations to be sure.


The Reason

The biggest indicator for a painkiller addiction is taking the pills for the wrong reason. Ask yourself: Do you take pain pills because you’re in pain, or do you take them because you feel that you need to? If the answer is that you feel a need to consistently take pain pills, then you may be dealing with an addiction.

Even if you’re anticipating pain, it’s unhealthy to take painkillers for a situation that might never occur. Taking pain medication before you experience pain only helps build your dependency on the drug. When taken as prescribed, pain pills should only be used for relief when you’re actively experiencing pain.


Body Clues

If it’s hard to determine your own reasons for taking painkillers, your body may be able to provide some helpful clues. Try not taking any pain pills for a day or two and see how your body reacts, assuming your pain allows you to do so. If you notice that you’re experiencing common withdrawal symptoms like chills, nausea or persistent headaches, then it’s likely that you have become physically addicted to your pain medication.

Additionally, you may be addicted if you notice that you’re taking more painkillers to get relief from your discomfort. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re addicted to the drug, it does indicate that your body is developing a higher tolerance. Speak to your medical provider about changing your painkillers, because taking consistently higher doses of a pain medication is a fast track to becoming addicted.


Facing Addiction

If you think that you may be dealing with an addiction to painkillers, have an honest conversation with your doctor about your concerns. If your dependency is just beginning, finding an alternative to painkillers may be enough to prevent a full-blown addiction.

If, however, your dependency has been ongoing for a time, you may need professional help to beat your addiction. Call our Florida addiction treatment program at (800) 411-8019 to ensure that you can get past your painkiller addiction without risking your physical or mental health.