Getting Your Kids Back After Going To Rehab

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Losing custody because of addiction can be an emotionally damaging experience. However, the Department of Children and Families, or DCF for short, will always make decisions based on the best interests of a child. Part of their decision is to try and place the child with their natural parents as much as possible. This is why there is always hope after a recovering addict completes their treatment to prove they are currently fit to raise their child again.


Proving To The Court You Have Completed Treatment

When DCF takes a child from their natural home environment, there will be a court hearing. At this hearing, it’s likely you were given a list of suggestions and mandates that you must meet before getting your child back. Completing drug rehabilitation is one of the most common given out. If you went through your entire mandated treatment process, you should be able to provide proof to the custody judge that you complied with their mandates. This is the first step in regaining custody of your children.

As part of proving to the court that you are indeed recovered from your addiction, you may be required to take one or more drug tests. You should submit to taking these tests as they can greatly increase your chances of regaining custody of your children. Realize that you will likely be required to take mandatory drug tests every so many months after regaining custody as well.


Have A DCF Evaluation

Before your children can be placed back in your home, you must be evaluated by DCF. This evaluation is performed to identify if your addiction is remedied and you are fit to the responsibilities of being a parent again. Their evaluation of your standing is typically a major factor in a court’s decision whether to allow you to regain custody or not.


Stay Calm And Realize It Takes Time

The process to regain custody of your children after going to a treatment center in Florida can be a long and difficult one. At times you may feel like you are jumping through hoops or waiting for eternity. Keep your stress under control and stay calm throughout the process.

Always strive to maintain a good relationship with those who currently have custody of your children. Keeping the peace is a small price to pay to get custody back over your children. Realize your addiction was the cause for their loss and you will have to work to get your children back.

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