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Looking For Love in All The Wrong Places – Why Early Recovery Isn’t The Best Time To Get Into a Relationship

Finally breaking free from an alcohol or drug addiction can be one of the most rewarding feelings a person ever experiences in their lifetime. If you have just broken free from addiction and are in the early recovery stages, then you may be thinking that the only thing that could make you even happier than you feel now would be to enter a committed relationship. While the goal of addiction recovery is for you to finally experience the happy and healthy life you deserve, there are several reasons that you should wait until you are further along in the recovery process to pursue love.

Early Recovery Time Should Be Filled With “Me” Time

After finally getting clean and sober, you have a lot of self-discovery you need to do. You may just be learning what your interests are and discovering new hobbies now that you have more freedom and time that your addiction once stole from you.

Many experts recommend waiting until you are clean and sober for one full year before entering a relationship, because you need to get to know yourself again and embrace your new freedom before committing your time and efforts to the needs of a partner.

The Ups and Downs of a Relationship Could Challenge Your Sobriety

While you may feel like nothing in the world could get between you and your sobriety right now, the truth is that during early recovery, the risk of relapse is still strong, whether you realize it or not.

Relapses can occur for seemingly no reason at all, but they are often triggered by emotional trauma. All relationships have their ups and downs, and the last thing you need during early recovery is an argument with a new partner that leaves you so upset you end up relapsing.

Your Partner’s Habits Could Also Put You At Risk of Relapse

Of course, you know that you must be sure to never date anyone who has an active addiction problem that could suck you back into the cycle of addiction. However, not everyone who suffers from addiction immediately informs a new partner.

Do you feel like you are strong enough to resist the urge to use once again if you find out your partner is using after you have been together for several months?

If you are in alcohol recovery, you may face an additional challenge when dating: what do you do if your date wants to spend time at a bar or nightclub where you may be surrounding with people imbibing in the substance you worked so hard to eliminate from your life?

If being one partner of a healthy relationship is your dream, then you have plenty of time to achieve that dream now that you are clean and sober. Not only is there no need to jump into a relationship during early recovery, but doing so could jeopardize the sobriety you have worked so hard for.

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