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Do I Need Detox Before Going To Sober Living in Delray Beach?

Depending on the drug you have abused, or are addicted to, you may experience severe physiological, psychological, and emotional symptoms when you stop taking the substance. Indeed, these symptoms can be incapacitating and even life-threatening. Therefore, if you have made the decision to enter into a sober living program in Delray Beach, you may need to give serious consideration to undergoing medically-supervised detox before you take that important step.

What is Medically-Supervised Detox?

Medically-supervised detox is a detox program for a person addicted to, or who has abused, certain types of mind-altering substances. Medically-supervised detox is available for people detoxing from drugs that include heroine, cocaine, prescription medications, methamphetamine, alcohol, and other mind-altering substances. The timeframe for detox depends on the drug or drug being used and your overall physical and psychological status.

Detox and Treatment

There are medically-supervised detox programs that are connected or associated with inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. This type of situation permits a smoother transition from detox to treatment in many cases.

In addition, some of these detox and treatment programs have connections to or affiliations with reputable sober living programs. This provides a more comprehensive approach to addressing a substance abuse or addiction issue and to getting your life back on a healthy course into the future.

Detox and Relapse

One major dilemma faced by a person who forgoes medically-supervised detox is relapse during the detoxification process. The stark reality is that a person attempting to detox without professional assistance and support will end up feeling compelled to use again.

The symptoms associated with detox typically are profound. A person who has a history of abusing, or who has been addicted to, a mind-altering substance may turn to that drug when experiencing the symptoms associated with detox and withdrawal. Entering into a medically-supervised detox program provides resources that better ensure a person will not relapse during the detox process.

Seek Professional Assistance

Taking a comprehensive approach to drug abuse or addiction treatment is the wisest course. This oftentimes includes a necessary medically-supervised detox program at the outset of the treatment and recovery process. A Delray Beach addiction specialist can assist you in identifying a suitable detox and recovery program as a prelude to entering into a reputable sober living program. By plotting a meaningful treatment and recovery course, you will be in the best position to enter into a beneficial Delray Beach sober living program.

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