Affordable Addiction Counseling in Boynton Beach

Why Is Rehab So Expensive in Florida? How Can I Find Something More Affordable?

Money should never be a barrier to ending an addiction. However, we often hear from people who are shocked at the cost of treatment centers. When you know that rehab is the best option for getting help with your addiction, it is possible to find ways to make your treatment more affordable. Depending upon your financial situation, using these strategies makes it easier to afford going to rehab in Florida.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Many people are unaware that their health insurance will cover at least a portion of rehab. While your insurance policy may stipulate what type of treatment programs it will cover based upon the hospitals that are in network or the length of your stay, it is helpful to know that many Florida rehabs work with insurance companies every day to ensure that people get quality care. We know that trying to read through a complicated and lengthy policy gets hard, so we are available to help you figure out what your insurance covers so that you can get into an affordable rehab that is effective for meeting your needs.

Consider The Amenities

At first glance, rehab in Florida looks expensive, but it actually makes sense if you are planning for a lengthy stay. Since most inpatient rehab costs cover food, lodging and entertainment in addition to your health care, you may discover that you are actually receiving quite the package. It is also important to understand that rehabs in Florida can range from luxury centers that offer spa-style services such as organic meals and personal trainers to those that give more basic care such as cafeteria dining and shared rooms. While the amenities may not be as fancy, staying at a non-luxury rehab can significantly cut your costs while still giving you the same high standards for addiction treatment that you should expect.

Seek Outpatient Treatment

If skipping the luxury amenities still doesn’t make rehab fit your budget, then an outpatient treatment program allows you to cut out the cost of boarding. Since you will only need to attend your program during specific hours for your counseling, you may also still be able to continue working to pay for your treatment. This is an ideal option for parents and others who cannot take time out from life for an inpatient stay.

When you factor in the money wasted on drugs or alcohol, you can easily see how the initial cost for rehab will eventually pay off in long-term savings. We have a long list of treatment centers available that accept a wide range of insurance plans and include differing costs, so let us help you get started on finding an affordable option to help you end your addiction today.

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