Is Marijuana Legal in Boynton Beach And Should I Go To Rehab for it?

Marijuana is the most controversial drug in today’s society. While it is not as culturally acceptable as alcohol, it is also not as stigmatized as heroin or cocaine. Slowly, but surely, marijuana is becoming legalized across the country. Recreational marijuana is still illegal in the state of Florida. However, medical marijuana is legal. If you are using marijuana recreationally, you may be wondering if you are becoming addicted to it and thus need rehab. Since marijuana is not made with higher levels of THC than it has in the past, it is physically addictive. Psychological addiction is less reported.

You should seek help if you are exhibiting the following signs of marijuana use disorder:

Withdrawal Symptoms

Marijuana is considered physically addictive because regular users report experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they do not use. Withdrawal symptoms may include body aches, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, hypertension, rapid heart rate, and insomnia.

Increased Tolerance

If you need to use a larger amount of marijuana to achieve your desired effect, you are building a tolerance. For example, you only needed to smoke two joints per day to feel a desired effect, and then suddenly you need to smoke 4 joints per day to feel the same effect as you did when you first stated using.


If you are constantly contemplating about using marijuana and obtaining marijuana, you may be developing a problem.

Interference with Lifestyle as a Result of Use

Non-addicted people can stop their use whenever they need to or want to. Addicted people cannot stop; therefore, their use affects their lifestyle. If you are running into problems with the law, work, school, or your interpersonal relationships, you should definitely see a master’s-level counselor to get diagnosed for marijuana use disorder.

The Dangers of Marijuana

While using marijuana may be fun in the short-term, it carries many long-term ramifications. In addition to addiction, marijuana use can result in long-term depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and even psychosis. Marijuana use can affect fertility in both females and males by throwing off menstrual cycles and damaging sperm cells. However, do not think that marijuana is a form of birth control. Marijuana contains over twice the amount of carcinogens as regular cigarettes and can cause major damage to the respiratory system.

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