Is it True That One In 10 People Uses Drugs?

The addiction epidemic that is currently going on in the world in alarming. A statistic in the book Addicted Like Me by Beverly Conyers stated that only 20 percent of all addicted individuals in the world achieve lifelong recovery. For many years, drug use was considered taboo. D.A.R.E. programs simply used the “Just Say No” tactic. Drug use being criminalized has stigmatized addiction even more. The statistic that states one in 10 people use drugs may surprise you. However, not all people who make up this statistic are using illegal drugs or are addicted to drugs.

There are a variety of reasons why people use drugs:

Reduce Their Inhibitions

People, especially young adults, like to “party.” By “party,” they like to dance, socialize, and behave in a carefree manner. Shy people and people in general may have a difficult time loosening up because of their inhibitions. While alcohol is the most common drug that is used to reduce inhibitions, some people may turn to drugs (e.g. ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, pain pills, etc.) to reduce their inhibitions and make “partying” easier.

Cope with Stress or Trauma

Drugs cause temporary psychological relief, which is known as a “high.” People who are dealing with a significant amount of stress in their lives or who have experienced a significant amount of trauma are more like to be fond of the “high” that drugs provide, which causes many people to become addicted.

Self-Medicating an Untreated Mental Health Disorder

Approximately 60 percent of people who are addicted to drugs suffer from an undiagnosed, untreated mental health disorder (e.g. major depressive disorder, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.). Mental health disorders cause a significant amount of distress, and when they are left untreated, sufferers are inclined to treat the symptoms on their own.

When Addiction Sets In

There is a difference between a casual drug user and a person who is addicted to drugs. A casual drug user can stop when they need to or want to. A person who is addicted to drugs cannot stop. While people may have chosen to use drugs in the beginning, they lose their choice once they become afflicted with the disease of addiction. Addiction is a difficult disease to overcome, but treatment makes it possible. Seacrest Recovery Center is an excellent option in Boynton Beach, FL for those who are struggling with addiction.

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