Ways To Support Your Recovery While Attending An IOP Program

Attending an intensive-outpatient program is an excellent way to fortify your recovery. IOP programs provide group therapy, individual therapy, and education on the disease of addiction. However, you can never get “too much” recovery. Every recovery-related activity that you engage in increases your chances of staying sober.

You can supplement your recovery while attending an IOP program by:

Attending 12-Step Meetings or 12-Step-Alternative Meetings

Attending meetings is the most beneficial recovery activity that you can engage in. The whole idea of meetings was founded on the concept of recovering individuals connecting with other recovering individuals for success in their recovery. While professionals can provide great textbook insight, they cannot empathize with you unless they have been through addiction themselves. Even if they have personally experienced addiction, they are most likely not going through the struggles of new recovery. Twelve-Step Meetings (e.g. AA and NA) are the most well-known, but many 12-Step-Alternative Meetings (e.g. SMART Recovery, Lifering Secular Recovery, and Women for Sobriety) are also effective options.

Going to Individual Counseling

While IOP may consist of some individual counseling, the majority of it is comprised of group sessions. Attending individual counseling can help you identify and treat your personal issue that triggered your addiction.

Living in a Sober Living or Halfway House

Sober living facilities and halfway houses are excellent options for people who are new in recovery because they are substance free living environments, charge a cheap rent, provide structure and accountability, and you live among other recovering individuals.

Living a Fun, Productive Lifestyle

Addiction is all about dopamine levels. Drugs and alcohol are addictive because they cause the release of dopamine. Living a life that you love and where you are accomplishing tasks will provide you a natural high.

Recovery is a Lifestyle

At the beginning of your recovery, you may feel fearful or resentful of the idea of never being able to turn to your addictive substance to cope again. Recovery is not a prison or a temporary state of 30 to 90 days; recovery is a lifestyle that offers more freedom and happiness than any other lifestyle. You just have to embrace it, actively work a recovery program, engage in fun sober activities, and build a network of great sober friends. Your are stronger than your addiction.

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