Do All South Florida Recovery Centers Cost the Same?

Besides quality, cost is probably your second primary concern when it comes to choosing a South Florida recovery center. You may have heard myths that luxury recovery centers are only affordable to the rich and famous. The truth is that anyone can afford to attend a South Florida recovery center. The cost varies by each individual center; therefore, not all facilities cost the same.

A variety of factors determine the cost of a South Florida recovery center:

Your Insurance

Health insurance is the first source that you should turn to for financial help to fund addiction treatment. Your health insurance probably only covers a certain percentage, length of time, and list of treatment venters. You should consult with your insurance company to find out what specific coverage you have for addiction treatment.

Length of Stay

The longer that you stay, the more your treatment will cost. The average cost for quality treatment centers is 20,000 dollars per month without insurance. Most insurance plans only cover 30 days in spite of research showing that 90 days or more is needed for effective treatment.

Payment Plans

Addiction treatment centers do not expect the full cost of treatment up front. Many treatment centers will call for an up-front cost and have you pay the rest in installments.

Other Types of Financial Aid

There are other types of financial aid that you can turn to find your treatment. Many South Florida recovery centers and charities offer treatment scholarships that are based on income or circumstances. There are also government programs.

An Affordable, But Quality South Florida Recovery Center

Seacrest Recovery Center is a Joint Commission Accredited outpatient rehab that is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. We take a holistic approach to treating addiction. Our unique Phase Back to Life program works by putting the clients through all three intensities of outpatient treatment. The clients have the option of living at the treatment center during the first two phases of treatment while being able to continue working. However, you can choose to live at home to reduce the costs. Most major health insurance plans are accepted.

If you are interested in Seacrest Recovery Center, call us today at 833-846-5669