After Going To A Drug Rehab In Delray Beach, Should I Have An Aftercare Facility?

Aftercare is even more important than the time that you spent in rehab because living in recovery in the real world is the ultimate test. Staying sober and working the program is easy while you are in rehab because you have structure and are exclusively focused on your recovery, but the outside world presents many challenges that you will need to tackle as a recovering person. Aftercare facilities are an excellent requisite following going to a drug rehab in Delray Beach.

The types of aftercare facilities are:

Sober living and Halfway House Facilities

Sober living facilities require their residents to pay an affordable month rent and other fees on time, take their turns doing the chores, hold a job, and actively work their program. They tend to be privately owned and do not require their residents to be currently enrolled in a rehabilitation program. Professional staff is not omnipresent.  Professional staff is present 24/7, and the halfway houses can possibly be licensed by the state or county.

Outpatient Rehab Facilities

Though uncommon, some outpatient rehab facilities allow their clients to live at the facility during their treatment. Unlike an inpatient facility, you are not confined to the premises. You can leave the facility for work, school, or to see your family.

An Aftercare Facility in Boynton Beach, Florida

Seacrest Recovery is an outpatient facility that is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. Their unique Phase Back to Life Program puts the clients through all three intensities of outpatient treatment, which are partial-hospitalization, intensive-outpatient, and outpatient treatment. The clients have the option of living at the facility during the first two phases of treatment. However, they are not required nor confined to the premises if they choose to live at the aftercare facility. The major benefit of Seacrest Recovery is that you can get a structured living environment and continuous treatment. Maintaining a job, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and random drug tests are a part of all three phases. Most major insurances are accepted.

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