Do Recovery Centers in Florida Provide Things Like Food, Towels and Blankets?

When you decide to attend a recovery center in Florida, or anywhere else for that matter, yes, all basic hygiene, comfort and food items will be provided for you. Most facilities will allow you to bring in very little of your own supplies, if any. You may be allowed to bring pajamas, limited photographs or some basic clothing, but be prepared for these items to be seized, searched and then returned to you later.

You must understand that drug rehab facilities are not only concerned with your recovery, but the safety of the whole center. There are patients who will attempt to sneak in drugs if they can, and these places are keenly aware of this. After all, drugs aren’t so hard to conceal, are they? How about the seam of a blanket? The middle of a canister of baby powder? Letters and cards that have been previously soaked in amphetamine solution and then allowed to dry? Bits of heroin hiding behind postage stamps? You see their point. No one is saying that you would do these things, but people do attempt them. Drug rehab facilities can’t second-guess each client, so they instead provide basic care items that they know are drug-free.

You will be unlikely to be allowed to keep any kind of prescription medication, but bring it with you anyway. Staff physicians will review it. If it’s medically necessary, it will be provided to you, most likely a dose at a time. Don’t worry, you will not be denied non-narcotic maintenance medications, such as those needed for diabetes and high blood pressure. It’s just that you may not be allowed to bring your own meds into the facility.

Understand that Security in Rehab is Paramount

Many facilities will not allow you to keep the clothing you’re wearing when they do your intake. Some will want you to wear hospital-type gowns and such until you have completed the detox portion of your recovery process. Others will return your searched clothing items once you have progressed past the detox process.

Be prepared for a limited search of your person, too. You may be asked to disrobe in front of same-sex staff members. This is to ensure that you’re not concealing any drugs or forbidden items on your person. It’s not a strip search. It’s just a visual inspection. Try not to become upset, and keep in mind why they are doing this.

Of course, if you’re serious about your recovery, you will not try to sneak forbidden items into the treatment center. But not everyone has the same motives. Before you decide on a treatment facility, call ahead and ask what their intake process involves. What can you bring with you? Once you have those answers, then just consider them to be part of your road to recovery.

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