Common Signs That Someone Needs To Go To A Drug Rehab in South Florida

Dealing with a drug addiction is never easy, but what if you’re not the one struggling? Watching someone you love and care for struggle is a difficult experience. You might feel sad or disappointed. Maybe you even feel betrayed that they wouldn’t tell you about their problem. No matter what you’re feeling, though, it’s important to help your loved one as much as possible. If you suspect a friend or loved one has an addiction, there are several signs you need to watch for.

Many adults who struggle with an addition try to hide this from their friends and family members, but you may notice several symptoms that everything isn’t as it seems. For example, you may notice that your loved one:

  • Is always late to meetings and get-togethers, or simply doesn’t show
  • Constantly has money problems and is always trying to borrow money
  • Struggles to hold down a job or simply doesn’t go to work
  • Has poor relationship skills and trouble keeping friends

While it’s frustrating and scary to think that someone you love has an addiction they’re hiding, it’s important to identify the signs of an addiction. This will enable you to help them to the best of your ability.

How to Help a Loved One Get Into a South Florida Rehab

While you can’t force a friend or family member to attend rehab, you can help them make the right choice for themselves. Attending therapy at a rehab clinic is a fantastic option that will help them detox from the substance they’re addicted to. Therapy will also help them learn to identify triggers that lead to the addictive behavior. Additionally, therapy will help ensure that your friend or loved one is able to stay sober after recovery. The right therapy program can help them learn to identify and analyze their feelings and emotions, how to deal with triggers, and how to reach out for help if they begin to feel like they’re struggling again.

If someone you know is struggling, it’s not too late to help them move forward. Ready to get started? Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 833-846-5669 to find out more.