How To Save Money And Find Affordable Rehab Centers

Sadly, addiction treatment is not always affordable. Saving your life should not come with a price tag, but rehab centers need funding to pay their staff and keep up with the amenities that save people’s lives. Even though being alive and healthy is what matters most in the long run, being bankrupt or in deep debt is not easy. There are certain sources that you can turn to save money on addiction treatment and/or find affordable rehab centers.
Here are some ways that you save money on rehab and/or find affordable rehab centers:

State-Funded Rehab Centers

Though they have a reputation for not being of the highest quality, you may be able to find some quality state-funded rehab centers. The cost may be little to even nothing, but getting a bed may take a while. If you must go with a state-funded rehab center, do vigorous research to assure that it is a quality one.

Health Insurance

Most health insurance plans cover at least some portion of addiction treatment. They typically have a list of in-network treatment centers that they will cover a percentage of. Other common forms of coverage are thirty days of treatment and in-state treatment centers.

Treatment Scholarships

Treatment centers or charities that they are associated with often offer treatment scholarships that are based on income or circumstances.

Help from Charities, Family, Friends, or Government

You may be ashamed about seeking help from charities, family, friends, or the government, but the ends justify the means. Though you may be ashamed in the short-term, you be living healthy and happily in the long-term.

A Quality, Affordable Rehab Center

Seacrest Recovery Center is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. We offer top-notch treatment at an affordable cost. The fact that we are an outpatient treatment centers make us affordable, but you have the option of living at the treatment center during the most intensive phases of treatment. Even if you choose to live at the treatment center, you will still interact with the outside world by going to work/school and the gym. The ability to interact with the outside world allows for an even more holistic approach to be taken because you will be learning how to maintain a recovery lifestyle on the outside world. We accept most major health insurance plans.

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