Rehab Centers Florida For LGBTQ – What’s The Difference?

LGBTQ-oriented rehab centers are rehab centers designed specifically for LGBTQ clients. Some rehab centers have certain treatment tracks without being designed exclusively for the LGBTQ community.

There are a few key differences between LGBTQ-oriented rehab and more mainstream rehab. Both have strong focuses on recovery, learning coping mechanisms, and relating positive to your surroundings. But LGBTQ addicts often have mental health issues specifically related to their identities. The minority stress and ostracizing that members of the community often experience can lay the path for addiction.

These rehab centers are a way for addicts to meet and receive treatment with people who share their experiences. They can discuss their experiences with staff and other clients who understand. These treatment programs also often include therapy plans that help LGBTQ people relate more positively to their sexual orientations and gender identities.

Sometimes clients have a difficult time in mainstream rehab because the treatment programs don’t acknowledge sexuality or gender as potential triggers. LGBTQ-oriented programs are about confronting trauma and celebrating personal identity, in addition to the usual treatment and therapy methods.

Many gay and lesbian clients find that undergoing a gay or lesbian-specific treatment track helps give them coping skills they would not have learned in mainstream rehab. The staff will also be understanding regarding visitation policies and significant others.

Transgender Clients

Transgender clients in particular may find certain facilities more healing than a mainstream rehab. Oftentimes transgender people find themselves needing to explain their identity or pronouns or name over and over again, to the point where these simple things can become triggers in themselves.

The staff at some rehabs have specialized training in transgender issues. They know how to avoid microaggressions and won’t constantly trip over names and pronouns. This alone takes a lot of pressure off of transgender clients and helps them have a healthier space to recover from their addiction.

Some rehabs will also have staff who are knowledgeable about hormone replacement therapy. If you’re transgender and undergoing HRT, an LGBTQ rehab will likely have doctors who can help you safely continue HRT while you recover from your addiction. If there are medical reasons to pause HRT, the staff will also come up with a plan to restart or adjust it as soon as possible.

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