Why You Will See a Psychiatrist During Drug Treatment

Psychiatric Treatment During the Detox Phase Of Treatment

When you have a drug addiction, it is essential to determine why you began to use heroin or barbiturates to cope with your feelings. While you are visiting a detoxification center and outpatient rehabilitation facility, you will talk to a psychiatrist several times in private and group counseling sessions. During the detox stage of treatment, a psychiatrist will meet with you to create an individualized plan to overcome your addiction. Some of the things that a psychiatrist will consider when she is creating this plan are:

  • What types of drugs do you take?
  • Are you also addicted to alcohol?
  • Do you have a coexisting condition?
  • What is your age and gender?

With an individualized drug rehabilitation plan, your treatment is different from the other participants in a facility.

Talk To a Psychiatrist Throughout Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

After beginning your treatment in a substance abuse facility, you are required to have sessions with a psychiatrist frequently. Some of these sessions are with the other participants in the facility, and this gives you an opportunity to hear how drug use has affected other individuals. When you are listening to the other clients in a drug abuse program, you can gain insight into your own problems.

In addition to group therapy, you will meet one-on-one with a psychiatrist to discuss personal issues. Private therapy with a psychiatrist gives you an opportunity to understand more about the traumas from your childhood or a sexual assault. If you have had a personal trauma, then you may not want to reveal these issues in the group counseling sessions.

Discuss Your Other Mental Health Issues With a Psychiatrist

If you are experiencing other mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or hyperactivity, then talk to the psychiatrist about these problems so that she can prescribe medications. A psychiatrist can also prescribe medications that will relieve your physical and mental cravings. It is important to remain in close contact with a psychiatrist during rehabilitation especially when you have multiple mental health issues or are addicted to more than one substance.

You might feel uncomfortable talking to a psychiatrist because the sessions are often emotional, but if you don’t embrace this substance abuse treatment, then you won’t overcome the issues that led to using drugs. Contact our outpatient drug treatment center today to learn more about overcoming substance abuse. 833-846-5669