Will People Judge You for Participating in an IOP Rehab Program?

While there are some people who believe that drug addiction is solely a choice, the science behind it proves that addiction is a medical problem. Sadly, addiction has the potential to harm relationships, jeopardize a person’s career, and kill a person. It does not have to be this way though because there are people who dedicate their lives to treating and preventing people from becoming addicted to drugs.

If you are addicted to drugs, you deserve to know that there is hope for you, and that you have options available for your treatment. One of these options is an intensive outpatient rehabilitation program (IOP). IOP is best for people who are addicted but do not need to undergo medically supervised detox. You may also worry that people will judge you for undergoing such a treatment.


The truth is that people are more likely to judge you for your addiction in the first place. Many people are not well informed on the data showing that addiction is much more biologically driven than a choice, so they automatically condemn people who are addicted. People like this are likely to harm your recovery and may even result in you relapsing despite your hard work.

When you undergo IOP, the people who care about you will become apparent in your life. The people will have traits such as the following:

  • compassion,
  • kindness,
  • understanding,
  • love,
  • and sympathy.

These are the people who will not judge you for choosing to undergo IOP. In fact, these people will likely support you along the way and be proud of you for getting the help that you deserve and need.

Rather than letting the fear of being judged get to you, understand that a life without addiction ends up being much happier. It is likely that some people will no longer want to associate with you, but you need to realize that that is for the best. The people who you can truly love and count on will remain by your side through all steps of your addiction and recovery.

Making the choice to undergo IOP is extremely hard and should not be taken lightly. Just by thinking about it, you already know that you deserve and need help. Our counselors are available to advise and listen to you twenty-four hours a day. Give them a call at 833-846-5669 to begin your recovery.