What Should You Expect From a Drug Rehab in South Florida?

Being addicted to drugs makes life hard because it is hard to stop using a substance by the very nature of addiction. The substance takes over a person’s ability to choose not to use, and it turns a person into a shadow of their former self. For a long time, drug addiction was treated as a choice alone, but now people have begun to realize that it is a disease as well. You may be addicted to drugs, and that is okay. There are people who have a desire to help you overcome your addiction.

The people who work in this field work in inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities. Regardless of where they work, the goal is similar. They want to help you recover from your addiction. If you are at the beginning of your road to recovery, you are likely to need to attend a drug rehab facility, and you should be aware of what to expect.

What to Expect

You will live in a facility surrounded by other people working towards recovery and people who want to help you. There will be many events scheduled toward guiding you towards a better life after ending substance abuse. You can expect:

  • group and individual therapy sessions,
  • social skills classes that teach you how to interact with others,
  • life skill classes that teach you how to live daily life,
  • support that sometimes will seem harsh,
  • and rules and expectations designed to keep you on track with recovery.

You should not expect rehab to be easy. You will likely crave substances, and you will be angry at others for keeping you away from those substances. After some time, those withdrawal symptoms will wane away, and you will be better able to focus on keeping them away. By choosing to go to rehab, you are choosing to make your future better than it would be with the continued use of substances.

Whether you have been addicted to substances for a few months or a few years, there is hope for you. There are many people who have devoted their lives to helping you and others like you find a way to live life without substances. If you feel that you are ready to begin your road to recovery, contact our counselors at 833-846-5669. They are available to help you twenty-four hours a day.