Can You Keep Your Job While Enrolled in Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Most people have to work in order for themselves and their family to live a comfortable life. If you struggle with addiction, you are still no exception to that unfortunate fact. Most jobs do not provide paid time off for people who go away to rehab. Enrolling in intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment is an option if you need to keep your job and treat your addiction. IOP programs are designed to accommodate the schedule of people who work because they offer a flexible schedule that includes days, evenings, and even weekends.

You do not have to be concerned about your job finding out. Patient privacy laws protect your confidentiality, and the Americans with Disabilities Act prevents you from getting terminated if your employer were to find out. However, if you go to work intoxicated or use drugs or alcohol on the job and refuse to accept the treatment your job offers you, your employer can terminate you.

Practicing Self-Discipline in an IOP Program

Self-discipline is a must when you are enrolled in an outpatient rehab program because you are still on the outside world. You can practice self-discipline in the following ways:

Get Detox

Even if you think you do not need detox because you do not experience withdrawal, you should get assessed for detox. While drug withdrawal is painful, alcohol withdrawal is fatal if not gone through under medical supervision.

Identify Relapse Triggers

Relapse triggers can be people, places, objects, media, etc. that you have associated with using. It may be bizarre to think that a song on the radio can make you relapse, but if you always listened to it when you were using, it may trigger you. You can either try to detach the association with using or avoid the trigger altogether, which is easier.

Get a Support System

When you feel like using, it helps to have an empathetic person to talk to. Going to a self-help meeting or getting numbers of people from IOP can reduce your chances of relapse if you call them when you are having a craving. They cannot save you, suggest action, or do the work for you, they can also give you words of wisdom and share their experience to bring you back to center.

Keep Busy and Do Not Spend Too Much Time Alone

When you are alone and bored, you are more likely to regress back into your old ways of thinking. Filling up your free time with healthy activities and being around people as much as possible will reduce your risk of relapse.

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