Can You Keep Going to Work or School During an Intensive Outpatient Program in Palm Beach?

Many people are appalled by the idea of going to rehab because they think that they will have to take time off of work or school. Thankfully, the modern addiction treatment industry is understanding of those who are suffering from addiction and need to go to work or school. Intensive outpatient programs in Palm Beach treat individuals while they continue going to work or school.

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) offer a flexible schedule. Most programs offer a day and evening session to accommodate all work and school schedules. If you have a traditional work or school schedule, keep in mind that evening IOP programs will be more crowded than the day programs. Some programs may offer Saturday sessions. The typical attendance for an IOP program is three to five days a week for three hours. Since you will be allowed to continue going about your regular life when you are not in session, you will have to get detox on your own and practice self-discipline.

What is an IOP Program Like?

IOP programs consist of the following activities:

Group Therapy

Group therapy makes up the majority of IOP activities. Unlike 12-step meetings, you will not be studying the 12 steps, discussing a Higher Power, or be restricted from cross-talking. The group therapy meetings will be based on evidence-based therapy. Cross-talk will be encouraged because the goal of group therapy is for you to help each other.


You may be assigned a counselor or caseworker to talk to individually about personal issues that you may be facing. This includes talking about the underlying reasons for your addiction and being evaluated for a co-occurring disorder.

Fun Activities

Part of recovery is learning how to have fun and socialize without the use of substances. IOP programs may host artistic activities, trips to the park, etc. to address the social aspect of recovery and introduce healthy lifestyle activities.

In order to ensure that you are being honest about your progress, drug testing may be mandated by your IOP program. If you are not as progressed into your addiction, IOP is excellent early intervention. If you have recently completed inpatient treatment, IOP is an excellent supplement. Some outpatient programs may have housing, which are perfect for all progressions of addiction.

Palm Beach has Joint Commission Accredited IOP programs. Contact one of them today  at 833-846-5669 to get started on living the life that you deserve.