Will a West Palm Beach Rehab Have Different Approaches to Treating Men and Women?

In recent years, the addiction treatment community has collectively made a concerted effort to get away from a one size fits all approach to treatment. They have done and are doing this because society has become so diversified. A one size fits all approach just simply doesn’t work because everyone who enters rehab does so with different circumstances and needs.

One area where treatment has evolved specifically relates to how men and women are treated differently. In line with this approach, gender-specific treatment options have become very popular among men and women. Why? Not everyone is going to feel comfortable dealing with their personal issues in the presence of the opposite sex. That’s most likely because men and women are conditioned by society to behave and feel in different ways.

To meet the needs of clients who prefer gender-specific treatment programs, we are seeing a lot more rehab centers working to offer such options. In some cases, we are seeing rehabs convert to treatment facilities specifically designed for one sex or the other. We are also seeing many larger facilities that have made efforts to section off areas for each gender, allowing counselors to treat both sexes separately under the same roof.

If you live in the West Palm Beach, Florida area, or plan to visit here for treatment, you need to know that the Florida addiction treatment community is very progressive. We do our very best to make sure we have a variety of treatment options available to meet the specifics needs of our clients.

To get right to the point, most West Palm Beach rehabs have standard treatment programs they can use as a baseline of treatment for each client. If a client comes in with specific needs, most of these standard treatment programs can be easily adapted to their specific circumstances.

In the next section, we want to address how rehab facilities typically approach treating men and women. You will note that the difference in approaches is likely what is driving facilities to offer more separate services. Let’s look at how treatment professionals focus on gender differences.

Will a West Palm Beach Rehab Have Different Approaches to Treating Men and Women?

When it comes to gender-specific treatment, therapists go with the understanding that men and women experience addiction differently, both physically and emotionally. They also have an understanding of how men and women perceive their positions in society. Men are the breadwinners, and women are the nurturers.

Men are more apt to fall into a severe addiction. This usually happens because men are reluctant to admit they have problems until their problems become destructive. If they do come in for treatment, they usually do so suffering from a lack of confidence. It’s their ego that has taken a hit because of their inability to take back control of their lives. If a man’s life is spiraling out of control due to drugs or alcohol, they are afraid of people seeing them as weak.

While men are less likely to enter rehab, they are more amicable to residential treatment when the time comes. They can usually this because they have enough flexibility in their lives to take time off for treatment. When in treatment, therapists have to work a little harder to get male clients to open up about their feelings and emotions. They also have to focus on helping men regain their confidence.

For women, addiction creates shame and questions about their morality. They don’t typically fall as deep into addiction because they seem to have a deeper connection with their feelings and emotions. This often causes them to react quickly to their addiction issues because of the capacity of their problems to keep them from being able to care for their families.

Women prefer outpatient treatment because it allows them to stay connected to their family unit. In treatment, women are much more likely to share during therapy. This makes it easier for a therapist to help identify the causes of a female client’s addiction, which eventually opens the door for a quick recovery. The key to treating women is showing them compassion and the willingness to listen to what they have to say.

Whether you are male or female makes no difference to us. As long as you are ready to come in and commit to treatment, we will be here to help you. If you have more questions about our services. we would be happy to hear them. To get your treatment started, you just need to pick up the phones and call one of our representatives at the following number: 833-846-5669.