Can Rehabs in West Palm Beach Teach Me to Manage Chronic Pain Without Opioids?

As addictions go, it’s tragic when someone forms an addiction to medications they need. We see it all the time with addiction sufferers who cross the line and begin abusing the very substance that is intended to give them some kind of relief. The U.S. is currently mired in an opioid epidemic. All over the country, people are abusing illicit opioid substances like heroin and fentanyl, as well as their prescription painkillers. That’s correct. People who depend on painkillers to manage their day to day pain issues are turning on themselves by using their medication in ways their doctors never intended.

Once a patient violates their contract with their doctor to take their medication as the doctor prescribed, bad things start happening. It’s no secret that opioid addiction has the potential to destroy lives. That’s why all opioid substances are either illegal or only accessible by prescription. What opioids can do to someone is not restricted to the physical problems these drugs can cause. Take a look at this list of symptoms of opioid addiction:

  • Problems with handling day to day responsibilities
  • Difficulties holding a job or getting through school
  • Trouble with law enforcement because of attempts to secure illegal drugs
  • Reckless behaviors like driving under the influence
  • Problems within personal relationships
  • Financial problems due to the overconsumption of drugs
  • Deterioration in personal appearance

Indeed, this is quite a disturbing list. However, this is what life looks like when someone forms an addiction to their prescription painkillers.

Here’s the dilemma. If someone gets treatment for a painkiller addiction, how will they be able to manage their pain issues going forward? In the section below, we will address how West Palm Beach rehabs are helping people learn how to manage pain issues without opioid drugs.

Can Rehabs in West Palm Beach Teach Me to Manage Chronic Pain Without Opioids?

When you enter rehab with an addiction to opioids, you should be doing so with the understanding you most likely will not be able to use opioids in the future. We feel safe saying this because we know addictions cannot be cured, they can only be arrested and laid dormant. They only lay dormant as long as they don’t get reignited by the reintroduction of the drugs in question. Once that happens, the addiction sufferer’s brain and body revert to the old addictive behaviors.

In rehab, the addiction treatment specialists have one responsibility, to help their clients recover from addiction issues. They work hard to make this happen and the last thing they want to see is all that hard work going down the drain because of relapses. That is exactly why they won’t support you getting opioid painkillers to manage your pain during treatment.

What they will do is work with you on alternative ways to deal with pain other than using medications. Here is a list that includes pain treatment alternatives that don’t include opioids:

  • Looking at nutrition as a way of improving body function
  • Creating exercise and physical therapy programs that improve and strengthen areas where the pain is coming from
  • Using Topical pain relievers which are available, such as creams, lotions, or spray
  • The use of steroids in trigger point injections
  • Psychological treatment, mind over body therapy
  • Chiropractic treatment and massage therapy
  • A look for potential surgical solutions

The point of this list is very simple. Opioid painkillers have become your kryptonite. If you continue using them, you will likely keep abusing them. Very rare is the person who can recover from an opioid addiction and resume using painkillers responsibly in the future. Everything on this lies is a good alternative way to deal with pain if you remove the use of painkillers from your treatment regimen. They will work with you in rehab to find the solutions that are right for you based on your circumstances.

Before we can address alternative ways to help you manage pain, we need to get you into treatment. You cannot continue down the path of abusing opioids, expecting everything is going to turn out okay. To get yourself started towards recovery, you can call us at 833-846-5669. We will discuss with you our approach and hopefully get you into our facility. From there, we will start working with you to arrest your addiction while simultaneously helping you find pain management alternatives that will give you hope.