Can I Find Out the Success Rates of the Best Florida Rehab Options?

When you make the decision to enter rehab, you need to act quickly. Addiction is destructive and dangers, but rehab is no picnic either. Not only are you facing the physical struggle of detox, but you may need to rely on estranged family for support when you leave rehab. You have chosen the best path, but it won\’t be easy and you want to make sure you get the best treatment for your needs. Can you find out the success rates of the best Florida rehab options?

Yes, but you need to make sure you\’re comparing apples to apples. Depending on the number of years you\’ve used and any other activities, your physical health challenges may be greater than some. If you\’ve got underlying emotional and mental health issues, those assessments and therapies will need more attention. Finally, if you\’re going through a dangerous detox, the monitoring capabilities and clinicians on site will need to be top notch. Your best bet when choosing a rehab should be tied to the best clinicians for your addiction challenges and for your overall health concerns.

28 Days of Support

Your condition during admittance may determine the facility you attend. If your life is at risk due to an overdose, severe liver disease or other potentially fatal condition, you may simply be taken to the facility with the most advanced monitoring tools. If so, your detox may begin there while you are under careful monitoring to reduce the risk of a withdrawal crisis.

During your detox phase, you may not be in a good place to assess the quality of care. Again, every addiction process is different and based on different origins. Additionally, your needs as a person in recovery will vary from those of addicts in treatment for other drug use. If meth was your challenge, your physical support requirements will call for a close focus on bone strength and overall nutrition. If you abused alcohol, you may be facing a diagnosis of diabetes as well as liver damage.

Additionally, your mental and emotional health support teams need to be tailored to your specific needs. For those who are abuse survivors, PTSD therapies and treatment are extremely important to managing your well-being without the drug you were abusing. You may need therapy for childhood abuse, or treatment for STDs. As you undergo a medically supervised detox, you will also undergo physical assessment to determine nutritional needs and future health challenges.

Your location should also be considered. There are many facets of our society that view addiction as a weakness instead of a disease. If you are a prominent member of any portion of your community, attending a local rehab facility may be detrimental to your future prospects due to an antiquated and incomplete understanding of what addiction is. To avoid these challenges, rehab and detox in a facility far from your home may be a better choice.

You deserve community. If your home situation contributed in any way to your drug abuse, then the best rehab program in the world won\’t help. You will be undergoing a seismic shift during detox and in the days following. You may need to move from rehab into a sober or halfway house to get the support you need so you can find the strength and resources required to leave your home situation. While any quality rehab program will provide you with steps to independence, many in recovery gain the best results from participating in either continued physical support in a sober house or continued social, emotional and mental support in a quality outpatient program.

If you feel that there is any risk of relapse based on the home you are to return to, let your counselors know as early in the rehab process as possible. There are other resources out there that will provide you with the support you need to put the skills you gained in a quality rehab program to use for your future success.

Just as each person is unique, each addictive process, rehab experience and recovery is unique. You are worthy of support as you work your way through a successful detox, treatment, various therapies and sober living options. Find the right team of clinicians for your specific addiction needs. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 833-846-5669.

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