What Do You Do In Drug Rehab?

A drug rehab facility gives you or a loved one a place to reside while receiving important addiction treatment day and night. A stay in an inpatient facility center, as opposed to an outpatient center, is recommended for most addicts because they are removed from the everyday triggers of life. Inpatient centers may range from a sterile, hospital-like setting to a more relaxed, luxurious stay in a clinic. The most important factor of a drug rehab is finding one that will give you the care you need while providing you with the comfort you are looking for.

Staying in a drug rehab is one of the best choices any addict can make. Why? Because addiction treatment will be a day and night process. Everything you do in the facility will be related to your continued recovery efforts. You’ll use daily therapy sessions and free time to learn how to replace your substance or alcohol abuse with better, healthier habits.

If you know you need to check into a center for your own well-being, you’ll likely want to know the answer to the following question- what do you do in drug rehab? We’re here to give you a heads-up on the process to put your mind at ease!

What is the Goal?

Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is the number one goal of any quality rehab program. A drug rehab facility will help your mind and body heal from the many effects of addiction. It’s also used to teach you how to function every day without having to rely on the crutch of drugs or alcohol. A quality rehab will offer personalized, comprehensive programs tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Since everyone in recovery has different experiences to overcome, it is important that their plan is a personal one.

Detox Occurs First

If you have any sort of physical dependence on alcohol or drugs, the rehab will make sure you go through detox. Detox will help rid your body of the addictive substances you have been putting into it. But remember, detox doesn’t treat the actual addiction. Experts now understand that addiction is another mental health issue that requires intensive therapy sessions and years of care to overcome.

Your detox may occur in a hospital-like setting if your physical addiction warrants a more intense approach, especially if it is an addiction to benzos or alcohol. If your addiction is not as severe, detox may occur in a residential program. Regardless, you will be given medication in some cases when you need help from the physical side effects that withdrawal causes. The medical staff will carefully monitor your progress and adjust your dosage if need be.

Understanding Therapy

You’ll be given the chance to participate in therapy sessions every day during your program. These include the following:

• Private therapy
• Group therapy
• Family therapy

During private therapy, your therapist will help you pinpoint your specific triggers. What makes you want to use drugs? What can you do to avoid these triggers in the future? You’ll also talk about any mental health conditions you have at this time, known as a dual diagnosis. One-on-one therapy sessions give you the chance to map out a plan of action for your sober future, together with a qualified therapist.

Group therapy sessions give you the chance to speak with other members of the facility concerning your addiction. They are a time to come together as one to discuss how treatment is working and what you believe has been helpful in your journey.

Depending on the facility and your personal needs, you may be offered family therapy sessions after you have been in the facility for a few weeks. Addiction is a problem that often destroys the family unit, especially if there have been children involved. Your therapist may recommend asking your close family to come into the facility to take part in therapy sessions together.

What Happens Next?

Once your drug rehab program is complete, you may or may not go back to the life you were living while you were an addict. If you need additional structure, a stay in a sober living facility may be your best option. If you believe you have a strong enough support system at home, you may wish to start living your normal life again. Your therapist can help you make that decision while you are in the center. When you need more information on what drug rehab entails, please give us a call right away. We can be reached at 833-846-5669.