Is Delray Beach still the drug treatment capital of the world?

If you are looking for drug treatment services for yourself or for someone you love, then you will want to find a reputable rehab that fits every one of your needs. Addiction can and has been overcome when the right treatment plan is put into place, and this plan usually starts with finding the best facility in the area. When you begin your search for a drug treatment center, you’ll be inundated with various facilities all around you. Which one is the right one for you or your loved one? You may have even heard about the “rehab capital” of the world- Delray Beach. If you live nearby or are ready to take the trip to Florida to check out the amazing centers available, you’ll want to learn more about how Delray Beach became known as the drug treatment capital of the world. Let’s keep scrolling to find out how it all started!

A Past History Lesson

Experts once reported Delray Beach, Florida as being the rehab capital of the United States. This was back in 2007 when the New York Times ran a popular piece concerning the reputation of these centers. While it has been well over a decade since that news was revealed, Delray Beach is still well-known for being one of the best environments for struggling addicts. It is even lovingly referred to as “the town of second chances” by addicts and their loved ones due to the care and commitment of the community.

Inpatient treatment centers began opening their doors in Delray Beach over 35 years ago. The warm weather and lower taxes were two perks of the movement, and more and more centers began to pop up around the area soon after. Many recovering addicts relocated here to live in supervised apartments or sober living homes. Some stayed to attend outpatient therapy while finding jobs in the area, happy to be in a comfortable and safe environment. And as word spread, more and more addicts came to Delray Beach to seek the help they needed. Experts began calling the area “The Florida Model,” a term that spread throughout the country. Today, you can easily find at least 150 different AA and NA meetings per week around town.

Holistic Treatments Available at Delray Beach

Delray Beach rehab facilities often take a holistic approach to rehab, a popular method that pulls in many hopeful addicts. The centers around the Delray Beach area provide various holistic health treatments that allow addicts to receive much more than just help for their addiction. The “mind and body approach” has gained popularity over the years, and Delray Beach has always been a leader of this technique.

This holistic approach allows addicts the chance to heal their body, spirit, and mind while receiving the help they need for their addictive tendencies. The beauty of the area is a huge plus for many hopeful addicts, as some rehab facilities offer outdoor therapy sessions on the beach or meditation and yoga sessions in the summer sun. Holistic therapies are greatly encouraged during rehab in Delray Beach, and many addicts flock to the area because of the experience the centers offer in this area.

The Florida Model

As stated above, “The Florida Model” approach to recovery involves much more than just detox and therapy sessions. This model allows centers to provide their patients with the tools they will need to stay clean after they are through with their initial program. The experts in Delray Beach will provide transitional care for patients who are looking to move forward in their sobriety. This will include outpatient therapy sessions, support from local AA or NA groups, additional mental health therapy sessions, and help with finding a room in a sober living home. Delray Beach experts also involve the family of the addict in the treatment process.

Newcomers to Delray Beach are met with a huge community that welcomes them with open arms. With thousands of men and women taking part in NA and AA meetings week after week, you’ll find the support you need to continue on your sober path. Additionally, there are also plenty of support groups for different emotional issues, such as PTSD, bipolar, depression, anxiety, anger management, and more. You’ll find everything you need and more when you head to Delray Beach, Florida.

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