When Your Son Fails At Another Treatment Center in Florida, What Do You Do?

After dealing with your son’s addiction, convincing him to go to rehab in Florida and checking him in, he decided to leave or he got kicked out. Right now it might feel hopeless, but it does not have to be. There is always hope, and recovery from addiction often takes more than one try. It could mean he wasn’t ready or perhaps the rehab was not a good fit. Regardless of the reason he failed, it is important to get him right back into treatment if possible. What can you do?

Addiction is Punishment Enough

As tempting as it might be to shame or guilt your son about what happened at the prior Florida rehab, it won’t serve any purpose. Most addicts beat themselves up on a regular basis and don’t need reminders of their perceived shortcomings. Feeling angry, scared or defeated is normal on your part, but try and keep those feelings to yourself, at least for now.

Talk to Him

If he is open to discussing what happened, have a non-judgmental, honest conversation about why he failed at the rehab. Obviously, if he was kicked out for using drugs, the problem is evident. However, it might have been due to something else. Did he feel misunderstood? Was there an underlying co-existing issue that wasn’t addressed, such as depression or anxiety? Was he not detoxed when he checked in and he was withdrawing? Encourage him to tell you everything that occurred and withhold judgment statements.

Share Your Feelings

Once he has explained his account of why he failed at this Florida rehab center, let him know your feelings about it. Keep the focus on him and what your concerns are if he does not return to treatment. Without using criticism or judgment, remind him of the potential consequences of addiction including legal trouble, alienation from loved ones, health problems and possible death. Remind him that you love him and want him to get help so that he can move forward in life and be happy.

How Can You Help Him Now?

It is important to encourage your son to return to treatment as soon as possible. Whether this means going back to the same Florida rehab or locating a new one will depend on the circumstances involved. If he cannot return to the prior rehab or feels strongly about not doing so, offer to help him locate numbers for a new one. Perhaps sitting with him while he makes the call will reduce his stress. If needed, you can make the call with him sitting nearby so he can talk to them once you get them on the phone.

Recovery from addiction is a lifetime process. The first step is seeking treatment. To get answers to your questions, please call 833-846-5669