How Rehabilitation Centers in Florida Are Helping Opiate Addicts Overcome Addiction

Opiate addiction has become a public health crisis across America. People who would have never been predicted to be addicts (e.g. parents, coaches, nurses, honors students, etc.) have become fiercely addicted. The War on Drugs was a war that could never be won because addiction is too powerful of a disease. Rehabilitation centers in Florida are helping the country move forward from their defeat by providing the most effective treatment to opiate addicts.

Florida has become the recovery capital of America when Sid Goodman innovated the Florida Model to addiction treatment in 1986. These past three decades, addicted individuals all over the country have been seeking salvation in the Sunshine state. Many of these individuals are from the northeastern region of the country, where the opiate epidemic is most prevalent.

Florida’s  Drug Treatment Approach

Florida has a reputation of being able to effectively take a holistic approach to addiction treatment. They use a variety of therapies to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Medical Detox

Withdrawal from opiates can be excruciating and dangerous. Going through withdrawal should be done under medical supervision. Medical detox is usually the first step upon arrival to a rehab center.

Individual and Group Talk Therapy

Clients are assigned a one-on-one counselor for individual therapy. Group therapy typically consists of Twelve Step Meetings that are similar to the ones held outside of the rehab center and talking in a group about a topic that is chosen by the counselor.

Family Therapy

Addiction is a family disease because it affects the entire family physically, psychologically, spiritually, financially, and many other latent ways. The family system must heal from the pain the addiction has caused and to provide necessary support for the recovering individual.


Clients will receive nutrition advisement in rehab to help them heal their bodies from the chronic damage that drug and alcohol use has done.

Experiential Therapies (e.g. yoga/meditation art, music, drama, and equine therapy)

Experiential therapies help people discover and heal their psychological issues through a variety of activities and experiences. Experiential therapies make healing fun and interesting. It also teaches clients that they can still have fun without alcohol and drugs.

Seacrest Recovery Center is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. They also have a second location in Eatontown, NJ to directly address the opiate epidemic in the northeast. Take the first step to your new life by calling them today at (800) 411-8019