Signs of Heroin Addiction Not to Ignore

Heroin is one of the most devastating drugs out there. It\’s incredibly addictive and also incredibly deadly. Realizing that a loved one might be addicted to heroin is deeply devastating, but you also need to step in. These are signs of heroin addiction not to ignore.

Long-Sleeves To Cover Track Marks

Heroin is typically (though not exclusively) taken intravenously, meaning it\’s injected into the user\’s body, typically through the veins in their arms. Since heroin needles leave spots, (known as \”track marks\”), users will want to hide them. They\’ll cover up their marks with long-sleeves. This might not raise suspicions during the colder months, but if you see someone wearing long-sleeves during the middle of the summer, you have reason to suspect something is amiss.

Missing Spoons From Mixing Heroin

Heroin users prepare the drug for injection by cooking it, usually in a spoon. If you find that your spoons are going missing, you might look into the suspected user\’s bedroom. There could be a whole stockpile of burnt spoons from them using heroin. While you\’re in there, you might find other supplies that they use, such as cotton balls, belts, lighters, and used needles.

Unwell Appearance From Getting High

Continued use of heroin will easily reflect on the user. They\’ll look gaunt and sickly. You don\’t have to be much of a detective to surmise that someone is using heroin. Pay attention to their physical appearance. If it seems like they\’re constantly unwell with no apparent reason as to why, it\’s very likely that they\’re using heroin.

Avoidant Behavior Due To Heroin Use

A heroin addiction is not something that is typically broadcasted by users, at least not intentionally. It can be the source of a great deal of shame and rather than deal with confrontation, addicts will try to not gather attention. Here are some signs of avoidant behavior from heroin addicts.

  • Not socializing or leaving room
  • Getting defensive when asked questions
  • Deflecting blame from themselves

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