3 Signs That You Need Addiction Treatment

Addiction can lead you down a frightening path until you don’t recognize yourself any longer. It can creep up slowly over the years or sweep you up in a whirlwind. No one plans on developing an addiction, but it can happen to anyone. Addicting substances can change the way your brain functions. What may have started out as a way to have fun or relax can turn into a habit you can’t seem to shake. These are three signs that you need addiction treatment.


  • Dependence on substance to maintain a feeling of normality. If you find yourself partaking in your chosen substance throughout the day, this is a sure sign you’ve become addicted. You might be experiencing withdrawal symptoms or experience mood disturbances if you don’t partake frequently. Your body gets used to the substance, and having it in your body becomes your new normal. When you reach this point, it can be difficult to beat addiction by yourself.


  • Unable to limit or quit usage. People with addictions often try to cut back or quit their substance of choice several times before seeking out addiction treatment. Once addicted, it can be difficult for someone to break the habit by themselves. This is not a sign of weakness or lack of willpower. Addiction hijacks the brain. If you’ve promised yourself or loved ones that you’ll limit or quit usage but find yourself falling back into old habits, then addiction treatment should be your next step.


  • Worried you have a substance problem. We tend to know when things are going in the wrong direction, and it takes courage to admit you have a problem. If you’re worried your substance use has become a problem, this is a good indicator that it has. Once the problem has been recognized, the next step is treatment.



Addiction Treatment can get your life back on track.

You don’t have to accept addiction as a permanent part or your life, nor do you have to go on your healing journey alone. Addiction treatment gives your the care and tools to fight back against the disease of addiction. The right environment and emotional support can mean the difference between meaningful change in your life and falling back into unwanted habits.

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