The Process or Getting Sober at a Boynton Beach Rehab

The process of getting sober at a drug rehab center varies from one person to the next and even from one rehab center to the next. There is no one treatment that will work for everybody or every situation, but most of the time you can expect the rehab process to be broken down into specific steps.

The first step in any drug rehab process is to assess the patient. This is when the patient is examined both physically and psychologically to determine a treatment plan. The physical assessment will help determine how to best handle the detox process, while the psychological assessment will help determine the psychological issues that drove the patient to use drugs and alcohol in the first place.

After the patient has been assessed, the next step in the rehab process is to detox. This is the step that most patients fear the most since it involves going without their drug of choice and experiencing withdrawal. The staff of the rehab clinic will do all that they can to make sure that patients are comfortable during this admittedly painful process, which may involve using medication to relieve the worst symptoms. The best rehab clinics will use these medications sparingly.

Once the patient has successfully detoxed, the next step is the actual rehabilitation process. This is a long process in which the patient identifies and confronts the cause of their substance abuse. This can involve looking at behavior patterns that led to using drugs and alcohol as well as treating any underlying psychological issues that may have contributed to the addiction. Depending on the rehab clinic and treatment program in Boynton Beach, it might also include developing a nutrition plan or exercise program that may help the patient stay healthy and sober.

Once the patient has received treatment and has been given a plan for aftercare, they can be discharged if they’ve been clean for 30 days or so. It’s important to remember that the patient is not “cured” of their addiction; it will take a lot of work to both remain sober and avoid the patterns of substance abuse that led them to seek treatment in the first place.


Seeking Treatment in Boynton Beach

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