Why You Should Fly Out of State To Go To an Addiction Treatment Facility

When it comes to treatment for addiction, there are very few hard and fast rules for everyone. What works best for some may not work best for others, while some individuals thrive in one type of treatment while other flounder. There are, however, some basic rules of thumb when it comes to addiction treatment having the most success. One of these general guidelines involves where your initial treatment takes place. Here are three reasons why flying out-of-state to undergo treatment offers the best chance of success.

Family, friends and loved ones can sometimes be a hindrance to treatment

While family and friends can often be supportive of those seeking treatment, they can also sometimes unwittingly be the biggest obstacle to getting that treatment. Treatment counselors and other therapists are trained to deal with the issues and complications that arise when an individual is going through treatment, while family and friends may just provide a convenient way out when things get rough. In some cases, addictions run in families and family members can actually actively seek to hinder the addict from getting help. While the participation of family and friends can be a vital part of ongoing therapy, sometimes the initial treatment is best accomplished away from family, friends and loved ones.


Addiction is Habitual

Most addicts have certain habits and patterns around which their addiction is built. Whether it’s getting up first thing in the morning and splashing some vodka in your morning coffee or a favorite place to sit and get high, almost all addicts have routines they have established that support their habit. Effective treatment involves getting completely removed from the locations around which addictive habits and patterns have been established.

An addict’s known environment is generally full of triggers

There are a wide variety of things that can trigger an addict’s need or desire for the substance of their addiction. Certain sights, smells and even types of weather can create a powerful urge to indulge in the substance of an addict’s addiction. This is why going to a completely different state, hopefully in an entirely different area of the country can be so much more effective than going to a local treatment center or even one in just a different city or town.

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