When You Need To Go To Rehab, Who Will Take Care If Your Pets?

Going to rehab is a powerful, necessary decision, but it can bring a slew of responsibilities and stress for many people. Besides the typical feelings of nervousness and even fear that come with putting yourself in rehab, many things have to be addressed before you even leave your house to receive inpatient counseling.

Pets are like family, and you can’t just disappear for weeks or months without making sure your furry, feathered or scaly friend is well cared for. Most rehabs don’t allow pets aside from service dogs due to health and safety risks. If you aren’t legally blind and have a seeing eye dog or any other prescribed service dog, you’ll have to make other arrangements before you start treatment.

This can understandably be difficult if you don’t have any family or friends you can leave your pet with. And, even if you do, saying goodbye to your companion and their unconditional love for a while is tough. But you’re off to become a better, stronger, happier person, and your bond with pet will benefit greatly from your recovery just like every other relationship in your life.

Pet Care Options While in Rehab

While you’re receiving drug and alcohol treatment in Florida, you need total peace of mind that everything is okay back home. Here are some basic options to consider when making arrangements for your pets:

  • Trustworthy family members, friends or coworkers
  • A pet sitting service
  • Boarding facility

A family, friend or other trusted person in your life is obviously the most affordable and easiest route; they can either come over to care for your pet or you can drop your pet off at their house until you return. Of course, this isn’t an option for everyone.

A pet sitting service will assign a sitter to your pet and make sure they’re fed, taken out and loved while you’re away. You can relay any special treatments or preferences to the sitter before you go.

A pet boarding facility is the most expensive option but also one of the most secure. Staff at boarding facilities are specially trained and can accommodate your pet’s needs while you’re gone. Your pet will also get to socialize with other people and animals, and many boarding facilities are connected to vet clinics, so you won’t have to worry about any emergencies.

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